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Akron Comicon 2013



I was looking forward to going to Akron Comicon this year. I really enjoyed myself there last year and this time around i was bringing my daughter Maddie. She wanted a Star Sapphire costume and had been bugging me to make her one for probably six months, certainly ever since Free Comic Book Day. She noticed a statue of the character at York Comics. I had my Spider-Ham costume all ready.

They were holding it at Quaker Square this year, and I really love that venue. i used to slip over there during Star Trek Conventions at The John S Knight center next door. Akron Comicon outgrew it’s venue before the first show had even finished last year so this made sense.

I arrived a little later than I had expected, but figured we’d rush in and New_100_5182maybe still make the costume contest. After all, one of the vendors had mentioned to the promoter that he should really only expect about maybe 200 more people in a second year.

He was wrong. The line stretched out the door, and according to one of the workers, it stayed that long until around 3:00. I’m not sure how to feel about this. I like this con, but I don’t like big…

Room was proving a problem again as well, I was unable to make the Siegle and Schuster Society panel and that was a big bummer. I’m still hoping to get video of that panel and maybe Chris Yambar’s as well.

Still, we had a nice time, and saw a lot of friends there. We did some shopping and Maddie got a My Little Pony book straight from the artist who drew it (Thomas Zahler who was nice enough to sign it for her).New_1466281_10201449045126071_1778503331_n I got most of my books signed myself. One of the highlights of the day was talking with Ron Frenz as he signed my Thunderstrike and Superman books. He loved the Spider-Ham costume and after he finished signing, he said “Okay, now I need to get a photo for Tom DeFalco!” yeah, that made my day.

My Spider-Ham costume was a really big hit by the way. I think I took more photos for people and with people than I ever have in any other costume. It’s not that I put an extraordinary amount of work into it…it’s just that not a lot New_IMG_0296of other people have ever decided to cosplay this character before. The costume was given to me but let’s face it; at my age and more importantly, at my girth, I can’t really pull off Spider-Man. A plump Spider-Pig on the other hand, is cute. About half of the people got it. A lot thought i was being the Spider-Pig from the Simpson’s movie. Every ten minuets I’d hear someone singing Homer’s Spider-Pig song at me and I’d start dancing….

I felt a little bad actually. I got a lot more attention than Maddie, but the people who looked at her and recognized her were the ones in the know and they loved it. Those were the people who really appreciated her costume. One of the best photos I took that day was of Maddie and one other cosplayer who New_IMG_0324had done herself up as an Indigo tribe, complete with glowing staff. She mentioned that she had heard about a Star Sapphire walking around the con and she had been looking for my Maddie. I made sure to get a picture of the two of them together.

Maddie got to participate in the comic book making workshop with the Elyria Comic Book Initive  this year, but it wasn’t exactly what she had been expecting. She came up with some interesting drawings though and we still had fun there.

My single biggest disappointment this year was with Jon Bodgnov. One of the iconic Superman artists of the 90’s he was probably my most wanted autographs. However I was also on a little bit of a time table as I had to have New_264587_10201449049086170_1890063562_nMaddie at a birthday party at 5:00 (and keeping my promise to my daughter was important). I didn’t make it over to Jon’s tale untill after the Superman panel, a little after 3.:00. he was busy with a sketch and his line was around the corner. I waited until 2:45 and never got any closer. I was a little heartbroken. However I was in line next to one of the members from the POP comic club I attend  so with great embarrassment and regret I passed him my two books and asked if he could get them signed (and I’ll pick them up in a week at the next Pop meeting). He was nice enough to say yes.

We had a lot of fun, despite the roadbumps, and to be fair, most of my problems at the con this year were of my own making (being chronically late and having my seven year old along caused most of it). It’s a growing con and one of the better ones in the area. It’s a remarkable con in that it seems to be growing very quickly yet has NO media guests, just comic book people. No TV or movie or anything like that…and I actually really like that. I hope it stays that way. It’s proven that it can be a success without them. I’ll be back next year, but I think I better get there a lot earlier and with more of a plan. I’ll also miss Quaker Square if it moves again (which I expect it will, due to size). I loved the brick look, but really wish the panel room and the EICB workshop room had been swapped.

TONS of photos follow (most were taken by seven-year-old Maddie, but I’ll admit I swiped a few from people on Facebook too).

New_100_5181 New_IMG_0328 New_IMG_0326 New_IMG_0323 New_IMG_0319 New_IMG_0320 New_IMG_0321 New_IMG_0318 New_IMG_0317 New_IMG_0316 New_IMG_0310 New_IMG_0303 New_IMG_0304 New_IMG_0309 New_IMG_0315 New_IMG_0311 New_IMG_0297 New_IMG_0300 New_IMG_0301 New_IMG_0302 New_IMG_0299 New_IMG_0298 New_IMG_0287 New_IMG_0288 New_IMG_0289 New_IMG_0294 New_IMG_0291 New_IMG_0290 New_IMG_0283 New_IMG_0284 New_IMG_0286 New_1459031_10201804733813158_2100466539_n New_1465152_10151993791677320_7612275_n New_1467444_10201449044406053_1429710274_n New_1469839_10201812165018316_158427485_n New_IMG_0282 New_1466281_10201449045126071_1778503331_n New_1465225_10201449042686010_769643594_n New_1460209_10151522241477395_1216770644_n New_1465115_10201449040165947_1787538314_n New_1457639_10201812156658107_1725715940_n New_1457701_600891706636849_1807118538_n New_1458691_10201449041045969_1178324533_n New_1452436_10201449035645834_199694342_n New_1425541_659567644075423_1310029958_n New_1441583_10151522240517395_190461117_n New_1451564_10201449039685935_548476907_n New_1456806_10151522242472395_360469074_n New_1453401_10201449032925766_146413765_n New_100_5185 New_100_5186 New_544154_10201812147137869_1255681215_n New_960993_10200765159282463_1322209440_n New_1424454_10152417354658712_1432134513_n New_1424260_10202515878197625_155584187_n New_1415786_10200763243914580_524133997_n New_941306_10201449032165747_246667447_n New_559902_1437998786427327_1449881061_n New_100_5184


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