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Archive for November 19, 2013

Going dark for the rest of the week.


Violent Blue and Argo City will go dark for the rest of the week to
remember Logan, who lost his battle with cancer after 16 months at only five years old.

From his family – “With tear filled eyes and heavy hearts, we would like to notify you that Logan peacefully gained his Superhero Angel wings tonight.Though our hearts are
breaking, we can envision the joyous reunion between Logan and his mom Tara, and know that he is truly in the arms of an angel. We know that Logan is no longer in pain and for that we are grateful. We would like to extend our gratitude to the community and thank you for everything, especially the prayers. Thanks for sharing your hearts and love with our Superhero. He surely was blessed. Please continue prayers for our family and loved ones in the days ahead.”


A note to the JLA…

With the results of this Summer’s Man of Steel in (and predictable) the next push is going to be for a Justice League movie. The Flash has already been announced as in development and will be appearing on Arrow in some capacity.

Some characters in the JLA are harder to translate to screen than others. I get that. The Flash is one of them. Back in my Injustice Review, I mentioned how that costume really walks a fine line between cool and silly. So here are just a few helpful tips to the makers of the Justice League movie concerning everyone’s favorite speedster.


Spandex is generally a bad idea. Everyone made fun of batman’s rubber suit in the 80’s but it WORKED. It worked even better on John Wesley Shipp because he had the muscular body underneath it to justify it.


Don’t goof out on the ears/antennae, and make that mask dramatic. Slapping a bit of plastic on it is only going to make it look like a kids toy.


If the Flash is Barry, make him Barry. Scientist, cop, successful, not a chronically unemployed dolt. Handsome doesn’t hurt either.

Seriously, this could be good…but only if you let it be.