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Welcome back! I hope the holidays treated everyone well. I can’t believe it’s another year here at Argo City, and of course there will be a few changes again. I’m not sure where the Hellraiser project is going to go. I may be merging that into a general makeup feature, and hopefully we can get back on the horse sending out autographs. I’m planning one fewer cons this year and more mailings (I know. I say that every year). We’ll also be adding some new featurs this year and trying to keep a steady schedule – forgotten films on the last Friday of each motnh, maddies art show on the first…things like that. We’re also starting a new series in the Filmography section, laying with a superhero mascot from a church I attended back in 2006. The main character, Mr. Kidzpointe is grown up and graduated last year- making me feel really old….

And of course new Violent Blue on the main site – We’ll be transitioning from the comic series into the first novel this year, and classic Violent Blue right here at Argo City. Stick around, we’ve got some other surprises in store this year as well!

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