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The Iron Man project

Iron Man

Last year we spent about eleven months walking step by step through the creation of my Pinhead makeup. I may still return to that subject and create other cenobites as well as armor, but for now, I have other fish to fry.

You probably saw pictures of me in my Iron Man armor last year, but did you ever wonder how I created it?  This year’s oddessy will be the step by step creation of the suit, mistakes and all.

It started with the legs. The calves actually. I knew I couldn’t create  rounded edges with the material I had and the subpar sculpting skill of mine. So insted we went with sharp edges and curved angles. These are the sides.

100_3932I then created the front of the leg, one piece of foam scored in two places on the back and then bent into a shape with three sides. I attached the previous two pieces to this.

100_3935 100_3933 100_3934Finally we need to create a blast shield at the bottom, a way for the leg to move at the ankle without there being a huge gap over the shoes.

100_3937 100_3938Finally, I need a little helper to test it out! Obviously Lydia wants to be Iron man some day. Next month we’ll show you how we created that shoe! but for now, remember, there’s new Violent Blue tomorrow!



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