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Archive for March 11, 2014


bestsol 1 93Solitaire is fairly easy to describe. He’s the Shadow with Wolverine’s Healing Factor and more of a superhero costume.

Writer Gerard Jones was fresh off of DC’s The Shadow Strikes when he created the character and really, it’s very much the Malibu universe version of the Shadow. He carries two pistols and has a network of operatives (agents) who assist him, setting things up, taking care of him. He’s the master of some arcane martial arts and has that mysterious vibe going on.

Jones actually created a good story arc for the character, his main goal to bring down his crimelord father who also happens to be the one who gave him his healing factor- nanites in his body that repair damage (these are later moved into the suit when he discovers  they are messing with his mind).

Like too many Ultraverse titles, this one got the axe before it was even 12 issues in, and was moved to mini-series format. That may actually have suited it better, because the initial run is basically Solitare’s arc to destroy his father. It’s one overall storyline divided up into several adventures.  The art changes as the series progresses…and really, not to it’s benefit. Still, it’s a title I really enjoyed and is a good gateway towards things like the Shadow, and definitely one of Malibu’s better characters. I picked up the entire series for less  than a dollar per issue. You can still find these in quarter bins across the country.

By the way, check out the first six issues. best cover gimmick EVER – they comprise the first six panels on the sixth issue!

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