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essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

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New_137This was a really fun one, with me trying out watercolors for a diffrent project. A lot of the dream sequences start off that way actually.


My Girls

Remember that video we did for the Christmas party at Church a while back? (

Well afterwards, I shuffled out of my costume and the girls immediately picked it up and wanted to play in it.

Yeah, these are my girls….

100_3499 100_3501 100_3503 100_3504

These girls are going to find themselves in Violent Blue if they keep this up!

Monster Walk at the 5 O’Clock


A little history real quick. The Old School Sinema charity zombie walk was held at the 5 O’clock lounge for years, and it gradually got bigger and bigger. A couple years ago, they felt they had outgrown the venue and moved it to a bowling alley a street or two over. Yet folks kept asking the 5’Oclock, when they were going to bring the zombie walk back. That got them thinking, maybe they could do one on their own. And to further differentiate themselves from the other Lakewood walk, they would make it not just a Zombie walk…but a MONSTER walk. All creatures welcome.

I believe this is the inaugural year for this event, but I could be wrong about this. It feels like a first year though. Attendance was small and the organization felt loose. There were a lot of the usual suspects there however. The Z.E.R.O.S. (Zombie Eradication & Rescue Operations Squad) were out in full force directing and playing with the zombie horde, and I recognized  a lot of the faces in the crowd.


Because it was a MONSTER walk, my girls wanted to do something different and go as vampires – specifically Draulauras from Monster High. Everyone was incredibly nice to them, telling them how wonderful they looked.


We got there late – partially because we had to reroute. The building across the street had crumbled in the night and the police force had the area cordoned off.  Unfortunately we didn’t get there in time to take advantage of the vendors, though they had some interesting ones there.

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All in all it was a nice event, and it’s the willingness to do things like this charity monster walk that makes the 5O’Clock one of the distinct and beloved features in Lakewood rather than just another bar. I expect to be back next year too.

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Captian America : The Winter Soldier

Movie bannerCaptain-America-The-Winter-Soldier-HD-Wallpaper1

cap1I finally got around to seeing Captain America this weekend. I know I’m lat to this party, but you know me, I don’t visit movie theaters that are less than 70 years old. The Lorain Palace was showing it in 3d for 5.00 (as opposed to a 2d matinée  at a normal theatre for 7.50 at least).

Here’s the thing. The Winter Soldier isn’t a superhero movie. Sure they try to fool you with some big set pieces in the beginning and the end, but make no mistake, this is not a superhero movie. It’s a political thriller – and really, that’s exactly what you would expect from Robert Redford in this role. With SHIELD infiltrated by Hydra, there’s far more intrigue than simple action here. I almost wonder if it’s too elevated for the subject matter.

cap2I was really complementary about the first Cap film. I stand by my opinion that it was the best Superhero film I’d seen in a good decade. I revisited it recently and found it’s not as rewatchable as I had hoped. It’s still as good, but I can’t return to it again and again like I can with The Avengers. It makes me wonder if this film will have a similar feel. It’s an awfully complicated story for casual viewing.

Speaking of The Avengers – I’m having some issues with Scarlet Johansson and the way she plays Black Widow.

It’s not that I don’t like her in the role, I’m perfectly fine with the casting, but it seems like she never plays it the same way twice…does she just forget how the character is played every time? I also wonder if that’s part of the act….that she has so many faces, so many identities that all of them are false. If that’s the case then it really should be a little cleared. perhaps I am just over cap4thinking this, but in her third time out it’s beginning to get to me. In the end she just comes off as really bland.

They also try to play up her dark past in this film. it seems a little late to be getting to this. We kind of acknowledge it in the Avengers, but it’s just in one line. Here it’s far more explicitly stated but feels like it’s too little too late – either tacked on for the fans or an afterthought to try and enhance what has always been a secondary character.

There’s a LOT of Cleveland in this film. This always takes me out of the movie a bit, I’ve spent a lot of time downtown professionally and I recognize so much of what we see here. That is one of the greatest car chases ever, but I know some of those streets. The scene in the mall is crazy. I take my daughters to those fountains. I buy coffee at that stand! I’ve done work in that building cap5they’re keeping the Winter Soldier in….

Falcon is a nice addition in this film by the way. It’s a good origin story for him and he really has chemistry with Cap. I’m actually looking forward to seeing him in the next film…and let’s face it, they telegraphed the sequel. Then again, the commercials really gave away a lot of plot points, and I found myself waiting for stuff to happen. On the other hand it also let me know that I WAS going to see the familiar red white and blue costume for part of this movie and not just the slick blue and silver Captain-America-The-Winter-Soldier-Cap-Golden-Age-versionone. I was pleased that it was a full third of the film.

Interestingly enough, all the commercials and memes and internet chatter I was sure Nick Fury was going to really die in this. It was interesting that all of the spoilers actually hit me in reverse…

I really liked this film and can’t wait to see the next one.

Well, you know,  after I see Superman vs. Batman.



By the way, we’ll be spending the whole week over at Violent Blue celebrating the new Cap film. Check it out! the first strip is up here :




essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


Angel Lite commission


An Angel Lite commission.

Calamity a.k.a. Jessica Spiegel grew up in Sweeden when she turned 20 she moved out to the States always loved music so she became a D.J. that’ where she met C.D.R. a.k.a. Ghetto Blast and now she D.J. for him.


And don’t forget, new Violent Blue tomorrow!


essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


In Defense of Lost in Space

defenseimagesI actually have problems with series like Lost in Space, or Star Trek Voyager for that matter. there’s something inherinantly unsatisfying about them because you know he main plot point – getting home will either NEVER be resolved or won’t be resolved until the series ends (and personally I think it would have been a brave move to state at the end of Voyager that the ship was lost and never heard from again).

Lost in Space isn’t necessarily saddled with that  caveat as a film, but they choose to go that direction anyhow, in order to open the door for sequels. I get that but it was kind of a downer. There’s some gloom here because of that and because of the glimpse of the future we see. Stranding them kind of robs us of some true punch-the-air moments. It’s actually my one main complaint about the movie. Still, I find the rest of the film incredibly fun. It’s good actin and cool costumes. I love seeing Doctor Smith being truly EVIL again (he really did start off as more mattsof a bad guy and really mellowed after the first six episodes). It’s one of the rare times Matt LeBlanc shows some acting chops, the first time I didn’t look at him as an idiot (though what a bad choice picking this over the Matrix). He still has one of the greatest lines ever too “and the monkey flips the switch….”. I still use that myself on a regular basis.

I love the ship designs. The CG is still in it’s infancy, but works surprisingly well – smithsespecially in that spin around shot of the characters in zero G. It’s more believable than the troll in Harry Potter.

Can I make a quick guess as to why perhaps I like this better than a lot of people do?

I have no connection to the source material. I never watched it on TV and I’m not jarred by the differences here. To me this is a superior version. The derelict ship it’s like a haunted house in space and the spiders are genuinely creepy. I like the ship design better (why must we cling to space ships created in the 60’s anyhow? I don’t actually dig the original Enterprise shipdesign either – a contemporary of the Jupiter 1. I much prefer the film version!) and I like the characters just fine. It’s a good sci-fi shoot ’em up. I know that’s a common criticism of the Star Trek movies, but there’s a difference. Lost in Space never aspired to be more than a family space show where Star Trek actually was relevant at one time….

I really like this movie. If you can divorce yourself from the original TV show, SI suspect you will to. It’s still easily available, probably even on a budget release at this time!

Best ending ever.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you obviously didn’t watch Spookshow onKreepy Kastle Tv this weekend.



essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday