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Archive for April 8, 2014



bohos 93I’m a sucker for a good teen or college age drama. Not Dawson’s creek, I said GOOD.

BoHoS is a simple concept, Cathrine kinda trying to find herself…it’s that type of crossroads of life and on top of that she’s dealing with the death of her mother.

I get the real feeling  that ther’s more to this series and that I’m missing something, but I don’t know where to look for it. I’ve tried the publisher’s site and it really didn’t tell me anything except that there are three issues (bTW, the publisher isn’t really Image. For creator owned properties not developed in-house, Image acts as a publishing house of sorts. It’s expensive, but you get the prestige of having one of the big three’s logo stamped on your book.)

For the longest time I only had the third issue which takes our characters to a concert feature a double bill of Hanson and Marylin Manson. The bands kind of date it firmly in the late 90’s but that’s okay. it’s about the right age for me to relate to. More than anything it’s a study in pop culture and the kind of jaded feelings you get in generation Y.

VERY recently I found issue three and boy, stuff has progressed, we see a whole bunch of development between Cathrine and the boy she met at the concert, as well as with her guy friend who wants to start a band.

Yeah…it sounds like I’m meandering. I am…but that’s just what this seires does. It wanders around, and I really love it for that. These are hard to find, I’ve only seen issues of this series twice – and bought them both times. You’ll probably have to find them online, but definitely worth it.