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Archive for May 9, 2014

OddMall this weekend!


In all of the excitement surrounding the live Spookshow this Saturday, I almost forgot about Oddmall!

My friend Rachel will be vending there; You want dragons? Come get dragons at booth #48! Hot and fresh! Also necklaces. The necklaces aren’t so hot and fresh. People don’t like to wear hot necklaces.

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For those few of you who don’t like dragons, there will also be squid in my booth (#48, called Glimmerville. Oh yeah probably also glitter. You can’t get away from it if you are named Glimmerville.):





Spookshow Live Saturday night at 11:55!

Featuring the Romero Classic movie “Night of the Living Dead” from 1968. Come and see this retro style Spookshow with hosts Dale Kay and Mike MrManiacal Maxim as they present this horror classic in a throwback to the old style spookshows complete with live interactive entertainment! Come meet the horror hosts of The Kreepy Kastle, experience this unique live show, and feast your eyes on the zombie movie that started it all! Don’t worry we will have the zombie response team the Z.E.R.O.s on hand to protect you in case of a zombie outbreak. Invite your friends…you don’t want to come alone because you never know what terrors await you during Spookshow LIVE!

Tickets can be purchased the night of the show at the theater for only $4. Live entertainment and an awesome cult classic horror flick for only $4 make’s’s Spookshow LIVE a must for anyone!



I’ll be there too, though you never know what I might look like…

spookshow 2