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Horses and the costume contest


So the girls participated in a horse show this weekend – specifically they were in the costume contest.

Wednesday they came home and told me they had been invited to participate in the northern Ohio Miniture Horse club’s spring show. It’s an open show, and the farm they’ve been goign to work with the horses at is involved.

wwx“Does Poison Ivy ever ride a horse?” my wife asked me.

“She-Ra does.”

“What about Wonder Woman?”

“Sure. There’s even a Heroclix like that.”

Then she told me it was on Sunday.

“Um, I need to measure the horses if you want me to make costumes…”

“You can come out to the farm on Friday!”10455573_775701159140976_2277722446676490450_n


For a one day build, I’m actually pleased with how they came out. Maddie’s horse Polly bears a passing resemblance to She-Ra’s horse Swift Wind, though she didn’t like wearing the horn.


DiDi on the other hand, I was just tryign to create a costume that fit with Lydia’s costume and looked a little DC comics Amazon. I’m really pleased with the headpiece and I think it really works with Lyd’s.


Creating horse costumes is one of the stranger cosplays I’ve ever been involved in, but it was great fun to see the girls with their horses and their costumes.

New_10356759_10201775712905312_3486219922380182860_n New_10372062_10201775615622880_5647533261901050544_n New_10374891_10201775612462801_8970722380119753686_n New_10384737_10201775621943038_8992786579769400484_n New_10386286_10201775708345198_4550613296952163332_n New_10387207_10201775712945313_5294162636124779144_n New_10401965_10201775713025315_461305939867367678_n New_10417690_10201775613182819_3255076232405054065_n New_10418292_10201775712985314_7009101340752727964_n New_10433115_10201775621583029_819959917697068124_n New_10444428_10201775616622905_1648676593853083244_n New_10463042_10201775678664456_6708613741530201462_n New_10463895_10201775614382849_1574926706940238949_nNew_10300525_10201775678624455_2321834612490359905_n


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