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Archive for June 10, 2014

Skin Graft


The DC Wiki describes this as a four-issue limited series published under DC’s Vertigo imprint from July to October of 1993. The series fskin graft 93ocuses on small-time convict John Oakes, who becomes the protégé to Abel Tarrant, the original Tattooed Man.

It’s a shame they didn’t try to take this farther, because Oake’s story is far more interesting. Thrown in jail, he meats Tarrant – now an old and decrepit man. This makes sense seeing as at the time, Green Lantern had been aged as well. Oakes is not only Tarrent’s protégée, but his greatest work as well, tattooing tribal images all over Oakes body.

It’s a different kind of power Oakes finds he has, channeling lines of energy through the tattoos instead of creating constructs the way the Tattooed man did – but when Oakes is released….the tattoo isn’t done yet – something that displeases Tarrant.

This is an EXCELLET book. Don’t expect to find this in the dollar bins, and as far as I know it’s never been collected. You’ll have to pay full price for back issues, but it’s a story you HAVE to read if you’re a fan of Silver Age GL. The depth and fresh take on the Tattooed man is the best presentation of him I’ve seen anywhere since the end of the silver age.