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Archive for July 1, 2014

The Iron Man project part seven


Iron Man

Before we get into the metal bikini bottoms lets take a quick moment to to the upper arms. This is another soda bottle and some foam.

100_3955We wrap the foam around the bottle and voila! arms done.

100_3954Next metal underwear. This is two pieces, the back with the foam g-string, and the front brace that glues to the back in two places, a seam at each hip, and some metal bling scavenged from an old hard drive.

100_3976 100_3977This would really look better wit ha coat of red paint, don’t you think?

100_3978In fact, while we’re at it, let’s just paint up everything that we’ve made so far…..

100_3958 100_3956I’m actually quite happy with it so far.



With the briefs done, it’s time for the mid section. I’m envisioning it kind of like the middle of a storm troopers outift.  We’ll see  how that works out next month!