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Punk 93Maybe it’s just because I’m a product of  the period that this was written in, but I find Punk to be absolutely hilarious.  He’s a cyborg (but hides it well) whit an attitude who likes hitting the bars, getting into fights and does merc work for money. It’s ultra violent humor with a very 90’s flavor to it – Skater cut, flannel, shorts and combat boots, ministry and NIN T-Shirts, mosh pits. A great example of the humor here is Punk going and taking down a cyber-jacked Ogre who has been bullying a group of hermits and accepts a pair of bunny slippers as payment.

I’ve only ever seen this thing ONCE. It was an indie comic with a low run, but it’s available for purchase online. You can also find the creators Sean Campos and Mark Finn on Facebook.


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