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Archive for July 22, 2014

The Secret Garden

sg4As you like it isn’t the only play being preformed at the Oberlin Summer Theater festival this year, there’s also the family favorite “the Secret Garden” My wife remember this from High school, she read the book and has fond memories of the film (which we ended up watching wit h the girls after the play that very night).

The cast are adults, but they are able to play young. I don’t quite buy them as ten, but certainly 13 or so.

sg1These are excellent performances all around. My daughter mentioned than she actually liked the play better than the film. The sets are lush and gothic and beautiful. The home feels cold and hard and stone, not the warm woods and libraries of the film version. The set is VERY modular and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many set changes on stage before. It works very well with the feeling of the house servants just doing thier jobs as them move pieces around.

The entrance to the garden itself is backlit, shining an eerie light whenever the door is opened. It’s a very cinematic effect, though a tad overused.  sg2

The back screen is used to great effect. When Lord Craven’t wife calls him back to the manor, all we ever see is her sillouette. When the little girl has a nightmare its created with swirling shapes and figures running around the back of the screen, shadows singing ring around the rosy as her parents die back in India.

All the heart and emotion of the story is here and it’s a great preformace to sg3take you kids too. Reserve your tickets though, the house we went to was packed. The Secret Garden is still running in Oberlin until the beginning of August, so get there while you can!

Check out the trailer for the play below and call them today for your tickets!