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The Iron Man project part eight

Iron Man

So now we need to make a torso, something that will slip under the chestplate . We start off with abs.

100_3988We take this beveled ab piece and attach it to a long piece of foam that will wrap around me, connecting to the other side of the beveled ab plate with velcro.

100_3989Time to add some ribbing. We start by scoring the abs with a razor in a tech pattern. Then we go over it in ink. Paint will sink into it but just a little of that ink will show through, creating an artificial shadow.

100_3990I’m digging in some canals and inserting real wires from a burnt out power supply here. Something to give patches of technical imagery and a kind of c-3po look.

100_3992A few more details on the back, some bling from a dead hard drive. I’ll paint more details on after we have a coat of red paint on here.

100_3994Wrapped around. It’ll be a littel snug ,but it’ll also push in some of my girth.

100_3995Almost ready for the breastplate! But first, I think we’ll tackle the shoulderpads next month.





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