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Lorain County Zombie Walk 2014


10613009_10202281315905071_4466094895265830125_nIt was raining a lot on Friday and Saturday started off gray. It was enough I think, to scare off a lot of potential zombies, but not us.

The Amherst walk has been my favorite since it’s inception, and while I did a superhero zombie costume last year, this time around I wanted something more traditional.


Unfortunately, when you don’t give yourself enough time, things don’t always turn out well. I’m not happy with this look. I used an old appliance I had lying round (and new we see WHY I don’t use this prosthetic) and tried to do the blisters again I’m convinced this is a good idea with the blisters, but I just haven’t figured out how to pull it off.

10600457_10201971028351111_8070563976990845259_nMy daughter Lydia bailed on me at the last minuet, but even better, my wife Amy agreed to go with me – those chains you see me in? she’s got the other end of them in her hands.

It’s not Amy’s thing, and she was having a bad MS day COMBINED with cramps, but after people started talking to her, complementing her on her pet and she started to get into it. I think she was surprised by how funny it can be seeing the other peoples costumes, seeing the reactions and hearing the zombie hunters like Sgt. Cunnngham warn the passers by about the hordes of undead roaming the streets. I’d lunge at people and she’d yank the chain (and me) back. She’d whip out her gun and blast the zombies that really freaked her out. On several occasions we ran into her friend Crystal and her son who were acting as survivors this time around. It was GREAT having her around.

We weren’t chosen for the costume contest but did stick around to watch and see who won. There was a prize for both the best looking Zombie and the best looking survivor. I loved the little girl in the surgeon suit.

I was a little surprised, in addition to the zombie turnout being a little light (but still a VERY respectable turnout) the vendor area seemed like it was about half as full as last year. Again, I suppose the rainy weather forecast may be to blame. It showered on us a tad last year and that may have kept people away.  In addition to the vendors they also were running a 50/50 raffle, with half the proceeds going to the food bank. Obviously a lot of people participated because the pot was up to $160. The greatest part of this however was when the lady (in gray with the brown pattern down her top) in the picture below won, she gave the money back to be donated into the food bank.


The zombie walks have always been a fun way of raising money an canned goods for the Second Harvest Food bank in Lorain County and I’m glad to be a part of it. There’s one more this year, coming towards the end of the month. Hopefully I’ll be there wit the girls in tow! (and just in case you were wondering, there is new Violent Blue up today!)10460537_347577045406434_4769036006561409390_n 10494564_347534085410730_6330595903110081150_n 10540819_347576632073142_6741218663347948407_n 10610816_347474768749995_5041406499771246643_n 10635820_347576885406450_1714516167398862014_n 10635855_347577015406437_1554779469698388126_n 10636103_347576908739781_80150226934526664_n 10690000_347533858744086_8403133543230486054_n

12261_10202281309464910_4472288762024903987_n 16359_10202281318625139_178461436924436533_n 1486854_10202281321305206_5367795241678600655_n 1497680_10202281330985448_8107548323989475359_n 1654190_10202281318665140_6674316346271736734_n 1779252_10202281335185553_3297548206852230619_n 1907421_10202281333025499_9205269544654594727_n 1924369_10202281332945497_7992052240734906514_n 10363609_10202281315825069_5880681188906333769_n 10363809_10202281310944947_4337259332022319241_n 10368470_10202281315945072_7911670142166987151_n 10377610_10202281332865495_7184138039596372403_n 10382443_10202281314225029_1625136889880214922_n 10408615_10202281314185028_8122876317254773967_n 10426288_10202281327585363_2006568406356775058_n 10509494_10202281310864945_6619326044840671995_n 10523941_10202281318705141_6547519037139368149_n 10537063_10202281318745142_2611370538329667695_n 10584097_10202281321225204_2881203009252093297_n 10603342_10202281321265205_5771320946886751757_n 10603662_10202281330945447_8166576967829128642_n 10606370_10202281332985498_3932221811860497906_n 10610729_10202281315785068_5069991239951672746_n 10613009_10202281315905071_4466094895265830125_n 10613150_10202281309544912_1094070112674711439_n 10614339_10202281310984948_3604870523739707785_n 10616105_10202281314105026_7012355864097621080_n 10624900_10202281314145027_8383524306010281922_n 10626843_10202281328665390_8617466004136170069_n 10626843_10202281328745392_1923109482734730789_n 10635922_10202281332905496_8250965680848859728_n 10636331_10202281335225554_2754924525864168912_n 10647027_10202281328625389_7995551132549436611_n 10647234_10202281335345557_6733486827457605513_n 10653508_10202281331025449_675878406683610148_n 10653513_10202281321185203_757197559353282617_n 10653541_10202281314065025_8402009493127940089_n 10653858_10202281328785393_6818976057441261184_n 10653858_10202281330905446_4416575063845034777_n 10659301_10202281336225579_491139572441548377_n 10660082_10202281335265555_6099875165492393185_n 10665229_10202281327545362_8557279115786715005_n 10665773_10202281310904946_2638010764733100657_n 10670138_10202281315865070_599586154610013123_n 10689725_10202281321345207_2108786927240828844_n 10696264_10202281335305556_3236718849666274186_n


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