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essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

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The Adventures of …NOT Mr. Kidzpointe!


Even though it’s Halloween tomorrow, we can still be thinking abut Thanksgiving!
This was an attempt to revive the Mr. Kidzpoint idea at a different Church – Faith Alive. You could consider this a pilot of sorts. The idea didn’t take root, and neither did we actually….moving on before anything could really develop.


essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


Carlysle Halloween festival

We’re not done with Halloween yet.  I’m being a little self indulgent here, so feel free to skip this post.

One of our traditions is to go the the Metroparks Halloween festival. There’s usually shows and a DJ, along with wagon rides and a haunted walk. Last year, the haunted walk was a little lackluster compared to earlier incarnations. This year however, they outdid themselves!

Easily comparable to any full size haunt, the Carlysle had attractions every foot of the way, with creatures in the woods outside of the haunted houses every step of the way, including a fire-breathing dragon!



My wife’s favorite part is the pumpkin lagoon, a small lake, covered in floating jack o lanterns.

10152513_10202544310039760_2780610412566469287_n 10167974_10202544310119762_3936561669470037729_n 10167974_10202544309999759_1656747375651870480_n

Mine has always been the floating skeletons. Really, simple just flat plastic skeletons you can get at any dollar store, but painted with glow in the dark colors and lit by huge black lights. It’s amazing to walk through and under.

10710993_10202544307279691_4206674103808302463_n 1780710_10202544307319692_2420931555080058150_n 1656140_10202544307159688_1114035639675693563_n

The girls favorite part is the vortex. You enter a spinning room full of florescent polka dots, disorienting you and making you feel like you are spinning yourself. They hit it four times.

1546446_10202544297479446_6420682767724949098_n 10557399_10202544297519447_3212643338203291631_n

They dressed up of course, not in their princess costumes (we were afraid of sticks and mud and rips and tears) but Maddie in her Skeleton Princess costume and Lydia in a Ballet outfit. It’s unseasonably warm and they were able to get away without coats for parts of the night.

10425440_10202544318039960_1505758076101857611_n 10676211_10202544319599999_2769838764419747727_n

The decorations, and DJ and everything made for a great night. This is far out from Cleveland, in La Grange, but worth the experience at two dollars a person!

10647178_10202544320800029_8265600709720206484_n 10501733_10202544292239315_7479155610695567609_n 10447636_10202544299159488_4654297242121607188_n 10440755_10202544315839905_432293840758752482_n 10434199_10202544299119487_1327063604283010324_n 10401870_10202544292279316_1691673155585543227_n 10403475_10202544297559448_7991877373171723916_n 10421239_10202544314319867_6496258540514810970_n 10385588_10202544302279566_398352878836946368_n 10380762_10202544307239690_87046451803927775_n 10387686_10202544293399344_7136765324767366112_n 10394791_10202544310079761_2944473829427716253_n 10374513_10202544292399319_8112055550889096517_n 10374506_10202544319760003_1200535793670772251_n 10358125_10202544293479346_3487795784010342275_n 10354953_10202544314399869_8192060278604853357_n 10345770_10202544305799654_3910561705539051945_n 10353026_10202544303959608_5606406431997617742_n 10309194_10202544314279866_825595179571771945_n 10305335_10202544318119962_7245421461768799046_n 10167974_10202544309959758_638868673595590985_n 10156132_10202544299039485_6756935212967675310_n 1919635_10202544305959658_3805074266099877146_n 1891079_10202544302199564_1878232115932718612_n 1904198_10202544302239565_1421269597912821517_n 1904235_10202544305879656_7752777266332352341_n 1904235_10202544305919657_554551433371179494_n 1972263_10202544311519797_6923752904429126356_n 1779350_10202544305839655_938343140624139114_n 1780729_10202544314359868_6478216369961980885_n 1780811_10202544297439445_1373115399047475939_n 1743463_10202544319720002_2781368951501088757_n 1656308_10202544293359343_6837066647103331389_n 1466205_10202544311559798_3842597312098094525_n 1011276_10202544319640000_9067002665142222132_n 644368_10202544292359318_3866335029780435622_n 1002646_10202544293439345_6019811201146770857_n 524110_10202544315759903_679743902012191228_n 524117_10202544320760028_1556360100407999973_n 65066_10202544303799604_1371037999322159636_n 65066_10202544298999484_6402181176280971065_n 7093_10202544311479796_2495729713055726519_n 64356_10202544311439795_463908388926495719_n 13992_10202544303879606_1408980115094359299_n 11351_10202544315799904_8434650424786578766_n 10628268_10202544303839605_6392668361744096592_n 10526150_10202544311599799_7418527066981434857_n 10676154_10202544318079961_5102076988351485817_n 10678861_10202544292319317_687339605963803281_n 10702101_10202544302119562_4680439371396261736_n 10704129_10202544299079486_5899419998368052198_n 10703671_10202544303919607_7537486742589109487_n 10703621_10202544302159563_8762038361025810115_n

More Halloween next week I think. For now, there will be classic Violent Blue here tomorrow and new strips up at !

Baron and the Kid

forgotten bannerMV5BMTIwNDMzMDE5NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTUxMzgzMQ@@__V1_SY317_CR51,0,214,317_There’s a pool table in my Library. i like to put this film on when I play or have people over to shoot pool.

From IMDB:

The Baron and the Kid 1984

Johnny Cash stars as a legendary pool hustler, back in town after a long absence. He encounters a young punk who’s got more swagger than skill at pool, and who turns out to be  his son

The film plays itself very straight and doesn’t really earn that kind of serious tone, especially for a TV movie. It’s predictable but what saves it is how much fun it is to watch Johnny Cash chew the scenery. Richard Roundtree shows up and I’m in B movie heaven.

It’s not to hard to find the DVD (and it tends to be inexpensive) and definitely a great movie to put on while you do something else.

No trailer for this by the way, but we do have the music video of the song that inspired the film, and it does a great job of conveying the feel of the movie

Comicfest 2014


I’ll admit I’ll do anything to get my kids into the comic shop, but I’ve really been loving the Halloween Comicfest the last few year. We headed out to Carol and John’s shop – primarily because they are an extremely kid-friendly environment. My wife and I went as Olaf and Kristoff  (to complement the girls costumes) and Maddie and Lydia donned their Anna and Elsa dresses and headed out!

I’m slowly going through the titles this year, and really loving the Boom! set. I can’t begin to express how happy the Scooby Doo Teamup with Batman made me. We’ll probably do some reviews later this week.

100_6363 10352391_10152764648297278_7314847950351318192_n New_100_6359 New_100_6358 New_100_6357 New_100_6360 New_100_6361 New_100_6362 New_100_6364 New_100_6368 New_100_6367 New_100_6366 New_100_6365 New_100_6369 New_100_6370 New_100_6371 New_100_6372 New_100_6373

After the comic shop, we hit the local flea market, which always does a great trick or treat program. Halloween is our favorite time of year so expect more pictures to come!

New_100_6374 New_100_6375 New_100_6380 New_100_6379 New_100_6378 New_100_6377 New_100_6383 New_100_6384 New_100_6389 New_100_6387 New_100_6386 New_100_6385 New_100_6381 New_100_6390 New_100_6391 New_100_6392 New_100_6393 New_100_6397 New_100_6402 New_100_6401 New_100_6396 New_100_6395 New_100_6394 New_100_6398 New_100_6399 New_100_6404 New_100_6405 New_100_6406 New_100_6407 New_100_6411 New_100_6410 New_100_6409 New_100_6408 New_100_6412 New_100_6413 New_100_6414 New_100_6417 New_100_6422 New_100_6420 New_100_6418

Also don’t forget, new Halloween themed Violent Blue up today!


essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


The Adventures of Mr. Kidzpointe part ten


Part ten of The Adventures of Mr. Kidzpointe! And don’t forget, new Violent Blue tomorrow!


essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


How I got anally violated by the thorny cock of Permuted Press, Part 1

A pretty horrific turn of events for one of my facebook friends, If this publisher is going to continue it’s business practices, they need to be exposed.

There’s more by the way. Once you’re done with this one, check out two more –

The Great Permuted Lynching of 2014


Why I left Permuted Press: The Hidden Struggle of Authordom

and yet even more

The Author Apocalypse

Sean Hoade Brings You The World's Greatest Blog In The World

“Those whom the gods would destroy, first they make proud.”
— Ecclesiasticles the Tempurpedic, c. 500 BCE

“If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.”
— Extremely pessimistic Minoan folk saying

“Those who would put off writing a painful blog entry, first they stuff in a bunch of unreliably attributed epigraphs at the beginning.”
— King Haypulmafinga, Feb. 30, 1852


Well, this sucks.

For the majority of 2014, I have been waxing philosophical (if that phrase means “doing the happy dance while bragging”) about my 10-book contract with the formerly respected publisher, Permuted Press, who had taken me on after I submitted Deadtown Abbey kind of on a whim.

The owner of Permuted himself called me during an NFL playoff game and I went in the other room to take the call. I repeat: this was during the game. That is how serious this was to me…

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