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Blackheart and Lex vs. Aliens

DC Clix

10432966_774795659231526_6139643403347240508_nMan, looking at that War of Light set is almost enough to get me back in the tournament scene, but not quite. I do think I’m going to have to grab a couple of the Star Sapphires for Maddie though. She’s loving this set. Speaking of her, Maddie asked to play some Heroclix the other night, so I pulled out the old broken church and we set up. I played Blackheart with Superman and the Sentry which worked really well. Well enough that Maddie wanted to use him the second time around. She loves the removable demons.

10431505_774794915898267_8343229473592789254_nindexI decided to play a whole army of Aliens. I still have the set from the Horrorclix set and try to translate them to Heroclix as best as I can. These guys are still surprisingly dangerous with Charge at the start of every one on those dials. Maddie set up a team with the Blackheart,  Lex and Brainiac, and rounded out her team with a few low cost, low point figures like Iceman, Jubilee and Spider-Man (and by the way, seriously Wizkids? Why can’t you ever make a GOOD Spidey?)  Of course charge bases me with these characters and eventually Maddie got surrounded on a couple fronts. As i mentioned, she was also playing the Lex and Brainiac duo figure and was still holding her own but it was clear that he was going to get overrun.  Blackheart stayed in the background, generating red and blue gargoyles until he finally had to blast a bunch of those aliens from existence. I could almost see him just looking over at Lex as he complains –

lex and b

“Um, Blackheart? This may have been a bad idea. I don’t think we can hold them off…”

“You don’t need to hold them off. You just need to take out as many of them as possible before they destroy you so I can finish them off….”




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