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Archive for October 14, 2014

Doctor Zero

bestdz 88Doctor Zero sometimes defies description.

He looks like a Superhero. He acts like one. Everyone calls him a hero.

Good. That’s what he wants to happen.

Zero is actually an immortal – less than a god (but don’t tell him that) who has spend history manipulating the course of human history. In the present day he takes the guise of a superhero because those are really¬† the modern creatures of myth.

His intentions aren’t always altruistic, not always benevolent….because remember, just because it looks like a superhero, talks like a superhero and walks like as superhero, doesn’t mean it actually IS one……

This series would actually be perfectly at home in DC’s Vertigo imprint, and was really ¬†Marvel’s first attempt at creating a mature-themed line of superhero comics under their Epic imprint.

I found most of these in quarter bins, but I suspect these are far to old for them to still show up so cheap. It’s part of Epic’s Shadowline Saga, but can stand fairly well on its own. Grab it if you’re a fan of Vertigo types of storytelling.