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Archive for October 16, 2014

I see the New Captain America is not sitting too well with everyone. There’s a brief review over at Penguin comics from my friend Douglas. A VERY brief review.

I actually really like the costume and there is some logic to it, still, I’m personally not planning on reading it as it seems like this is going to be a very temporary change, possibly shorted than superior Spider-man and I really would have preferred to just see this in a mini-series of the elseworlds variety.

What does everyone else think?


Thank you Grace Lee Whitney


It’s interesting, a lot of people have their own favored incarnation of Star Trek. The “Real” Star Trek to them. Peter David mentioned once that to his daughter, Star Trek is TNG. When she thinks of Trek, she thinks of Worf. I have one friend who won’t watch anything but the original series.

For me, it’s an odd mixture. When I think of Star Trek, I think of the original series cast…but the MOVIE time line. I love the red uniform period. The Harve Bennet era. I think the Enterprise A is the most perfect starship ever designed.

I’ve tried to get as many of the cast to sign autographs in their movie uniforms…but this one is a real treat. Grace Lee Whitney played Yeoman Rand In the original series briefly and then has cameos in most of the films. I love that she ended up on Sulu’s Excelsior (and WHY OH WHY was that never made into a TV series???) and when she had an actual ROLE in the Voyager episode Celebrating Star Trek’s anniversary, I was just thrilled.

I wasn’t sure she’d sign. I know she has been known to sell autos through websites and occasionally hit cons, but I thought I’d still take a chance with a small 8×5 of her in my favorite uniform.

I didn’t really exect to get this one back. I’m so grateful I did!