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essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

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Glow comics part two


I mentioned a few month ago, instead of handing out flyers for our GLOW event, I created a small comics with all of our information on the back! The first one was to introduce the character, but we also did pages to recap the days events!

041115 041146 041222

And don’t forget, new Violent Blue tomorrow!


essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


The Iron Man project part twelve

Iron Man

I’ve got it.

Remember last month how the mid section didn’t work out on my suit? The solution isn’t a long solid piece…no, what we’ll make is a sort of metal cage, using the existing bikini bottoms and abs.

100_4027100_4023The first thing we do is build up the back side, create something to anchor those new pieces we are creating.


Next we create a set of “ribs”. The cage to go around me. Enough space that it’ll, give a little but never really hit the top piece. Done over a red shirt it’ll all blend in and you won’t see the gaps so much.

100_4024 100_4025

Attached to the torso from the back and the briefs, we have our cage. The strips attach under the abs with velcro and are adjustable. Time for a test run.


Perfect. The last piece of the costume is in place! I spent the first few appearances just like this, no mask, just sunglasses and a goatee.



You’ll still see me pull it out for special occasions. I’m proud of it, but it’s horribly awkward to wear, and I have to have a handler when I do because it renders my hands useless!

I wonder what we’ll try next year?

Turkey Day marathon!

It’s happening again! Last year I had this streaming all day and I can’t wait to see the line up this year!


There are three main platforms to view the Turkey Day Marathon:

  1. At We are embedding a YouTube live stream on the page and a Twitter feed with the hashtag #MST3K so you can join in the social conversation
  2. On the MST3K Official YouTube channel. Our recently launched MST3K YouTube channel, where you can find annotated episodes and MST3K clips will be the streaming platform. You can also join the conversation there. Last year, we had over 32,000 comments, so be prepared for a day full of riffing!
  3. On Pluto.TV’s MST3K channel, Channel 400. If you haven’t heard of Pluto.TV, it’s fantastic. You can watch hundreds of live streaming channels with music, comedy, sports, news, entertainment, and more. Our friends at Pluto.TV will be streaming the Marathon on a new channel they are spinning up just for this special event.



essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday

192 193

The Adventures of Mr. Kidzpointe part eleven


Part eleven of The Adventures of Mr. Kidzpointe! This was originally done live…kind of. Mr. Kidzpoints parts were filmed and Mr. Badpointe was on stage reacting. At the end, Mr. Kidzpointe came out and chased him off the stage. We also shot this though, right around the same time so we could possibly bluescreen or split screen it for a DVD release. Here’s our kinda lost episode!




essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


Sibling Rivalry

forgotten bannersiblingThis another one of those movies I love to look at- full of stars before they were really big, at the start of their careers before their more iconic roles…

It stars Kirsty Alley, Bill Pullman, Carrie FIsher, Sam Elliot, Scott Backula, and  Ed Oneil, not to mention being directed by Carl Reiner. It’s funny I really like Backula and O’Neil in most things, but not in their signature roles (Quantum Leap/Enterprise and Married With Children respectively), and I’ve always really love Kirsty Alley. Let’s see what IMDB has to say here:

Marjorie Turner is suffocating. Her younger sister Jeanine has no ambition, and her 8 year marriage to Harry puts her in constant competition with his family (all doctors), whom he is also competing for the affections of. One day, she snaps while food shopping, and beds a mysterious man, who die during the moment of passion. When she forgets her wallet, a vertical-blinds salesman finds it, and things get complicated from there…

It’s a smart farce, but really I wouldn’t expect anything less from Carl Riener who created so many of my favorite comedies. I got it on VHS for a buck but It is available on DVD and occasionally surfaces on Netflix. Definitely one to check out on rental first and very likely one you’ll want to own.

Taylor Swift (the Hive Queen)

Banner small dark copyswift2 small

Inspired by real events.

So a couple of days ago, a friend of mine posted on Facebook “If anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas, Taylor Swift tickets would be a great idea.”

I replied “only if you bring a sniper rifle.” That’s just my sense of humor. If you’ve been following us for any of the last five years, you already know that, and she found it funny.

Quite quickly however, she started getting flooded with instant messages about how terrible that was, how evil and you just can’t say things like that. The messages ranged from upset to fairly hateful. It got so bad that pressure from her sycophantic friends led her to delete the entire thread (I would have been happy to just delete the comment, but I didn’t find out until it was all over), and that I find pretty appalling.

Anyone with any common sense knows that I don’t want anyone to put a bullet in Taylor Swift. Just her microphone. I find her music to be overdressed and derivative. “You belong with Me” which I think may be her best song, is clearly influenced heavily by Saving Jane’s “Girl Next Door”.

Speaking of the “girl next door”, this is perhaps my biggest bone of contention with Swift. I don’t quite understand how she’s managed to sell it to so many people, but this girl next door, this America’s sweetheart persona that she and her producers have so meticulously crafted infuriates me. Swift comes from money. She was born rich and has never know the “girl next door” life. She’s never been homely or ignored. She’s never worked at Bob Evans just so she could pay for her prom dress or driven that beat up chevy to the beach with her friends. I realize an album about rich pretty white girl problems (“out of Pumpkin spice lattes at Starbuck” or “only two guys chasing me instead of three”) probably wouldn’t sell, but at least it would be honest. I could respect that.

One last word to those followers of Taylor Swift that were so appalled I made a joke about her and think that I’m so evil because of it – believe me when I tell you, she’s not nearly concerned about YOUR welfare as you are about hers. There are much better deities far more worthy of your worship.