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The Iron Man project part eleven

Iron ManTime to give this chest piece a coat of paint! Things are finally starting to look right….
100_4014I added the center piece into the breastplate. I’d love for it to light up, but that may be an addition for a later time. Right now, I just want to get this done. When I tried it on I found the shoulderpads were actually bigger than i had anticipated. They fit, but not underneath the chestpiece. In fact, it ended up being easier to just mount them to the chestplate itself.100_4015Speaking of things that don’t fit….crap.Remember that midsection I created?100_3997It does not slide under the chest plate. It butts up against it. To make matters worse, it’s too tall – after all, I expected the top to over lap it, hide a portion of the top.It’s not going to work. Well, perhaps not all of it. I ripped the ab section out and glued it onto the metal underwear. It will slide under and perhaps I can attach some velcro to the underside to the breastplate.costumeIt’s not the look I wanted, but there is some precedent for the whole “T” shape in Iron Man costuming, but it pushes me a lot further into comic look and further way from the movie look than I wanted to be.tMaybe I can fix it.


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