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bestUnderworld 87

“Where the sidewalk ends, their story begins….”

Can I just say, DC used to have the absolute BEST house ads? The mid 80’s was a time for a lot of prestige projects, things like Sonic Disrupters, Skreemer, The Shadow, and all of these had great ads in the pages of mainstream books like Superman and they just made me want to read this stuff.

I first encountered Underworld in one of those ads, but never got my hands on a copy until I was an adult. Truth is, it’s a fairly standard cop drama, but that’s not a bad thing. it made it stand out in the really superhero filled era of the Silver or Bronze age.

There’s meant to be a serious undertone here, that this is all symbolic and going on in the author’s head, but the connection is never really developed or thought out well enough, and that’s okay. Cool cop drama works even if it never reaches the serious level of drama hinted at by those spectacular covers (which I imagine were done separately, possibly even before the series was written, like the Deadshot covers), and you spend the entire series rooting for them to grab that Midnight racer guy.

Grab it if you see it. I got mine as a bagged collection, and that worked perfectly. If I’d had to track these down individually I may not have made it….

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