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Ghostbusters reboot

150127173400-female-ghostbusters-split-exlarge-169The internet has been all abuzz with the casting announcement of the new Ghostbuster cast. My reaction was pretty simple; There’s no one here I want to see.

It’s such a shame. This could have worked if it had been done as a spin off. The comics have done some really interesting things in that vein.


But this? this is just…there’s no love. there’s no respect for what a remarkable film that first movie was.

There seems to be this idea of “We want to show this in a way you’ve never seen it before!”

But I liked how it was before….and wasn’t it kind of successful?

A female cast could work. But not this cast and not this way. Imagine a film that starts off with the familiar cast (Pay Murray what it takes to get him on set for ONE day). Murray or Akroyd have a huge blowout fight with Annie Potts, probably over shared grief in losing Egon recently. She quits and starts her own franchise with all women and Rick Moranis manning the phones.
They do great work, (insert a shot of Akroyd, Murray and Hudson watching their commercials and reading their headlines – still all one days work for Murray). Murray comes to apologize to Potts, or maybe comes just short of an apology (his pride won’t let it happen) and shortly after Ghost Egon Peterthat he gets killed during a mission. The women have to step up and help Akroyd and Hudson stop the threat. There’s good ghosts trapped by evil ghosts – when the good ones are freed, One turns to them and it’s Murray. He says “Look who I found!” He gestures and is joined by a ghost Raimis (transparent and bluish, but definitely a young Raimis – a CG modle. No lines). He tells them not to worry about them, they’re off to start a franchise of their own…and fade away.

That works. You still get the impression that the classic Ghostbusters are out there doing their thing, and that they will show up from time to time, but you get a whole new cast in the process.

Seriously, can you imagine how incredible a Ghostbuster team led by Annie Potts would be??? And If Murray won’t come back, give all his parts to Akroyd. Even without Murray this could have been done and would have been a far better film. 3965585-gb-new01-coverbThe cameos wouldn’t feel so much like cameos, but rather a driving part of the story.

I’ve occasionally seen some cries of misogyny regarding the negative reaction to this cast. Rebooting with a cast that I personally don’t like (I find none of these women funny. Was Tina Fey not available? How about ANY of the cast from the Big Bang Theory? Was Kirsten Vangsness not taking any calls?), and with no ties to the source material, this is simply a slap in the face, and it has nothing to do with feminism.

No, the Ghostbusters reboot is going to be one big cup of Nope! The originals still exist and I’m content with that as I watch this fall into career killing, bad idea obscurity.

Another portrait

art showBanner

Lydia loves doing family portraits This one was done with grease crayons on a wipe board, so it sadly was not permanent.

Interestingly enough, she says it’s harder to draw Daddy than any of the other people in the family.



essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


Glow comics part three


I mentioned a few month ago, instead of handing out flyers for our GLOW event, I created a small comics with all of our information on the back! Heres the second days comic to recap the further mischief from our villians!

041255 041329


Last weekend

It’s been a rough weekend for us. It started with taking my car into the shop, only to be told that the engine was about to fall out of it.

I wish that was an exaggeration.

It drained our savings, but we got it done. It’s tight but drivable.

dxApparently some silly “hacker” (Air quotes. getting into someone’s facebook while wearing a guy fawkes mask doesn’t make you a hacker, it makes you a loser with nothing better to do.) sent some messages on my FB account and then friended himself to me. Seriously “Meta Dx”, you’re not even worth my scorn. I’ll just clean up your mess the same way I would with any other child.

I woke up Sunday morning to a cold house. The furnace has developed a problem. Fortunately, the Library has it’s own heat seperate  from the main system and the living room has a fireplace so  we were able to keep the ground level warm. We checked what we had left in the bank to get ready for the repairman. (by the way, Geni Heating & Cooling at 627 Dorothy Drive Brunswick, OH was recommended to us and advertise 24 hour service, but they refused to come out to our part of town. We don’t recommend them).

We discovered our checking account was empty.

Someone had gotten in to my ebay account about six hours earlier (diffrent region from the child who was on FB, and a diffrent kind of hack anyhow) and made about twenty purchases. Only seven went through.

Huntington bank was useless. They passed the buck and said we had to go to eBay. Huntington would not help – I’m not pleased with that, and it makes me think twice about recommending them as well.

Ebay said contact the sellers. I had already done that. I expected a bit more help, but at least they backed me up. Paypal too.

I want to give a shout out to the six sellers who responded back to me immediately and refunded my money within twelve hours.



You guys are truly class acts and I can’t thank you enough for your understanding. To all of my readers, please check thier stores out and think of these guys if you are looking for something on eBay. They were the victems of this fraud just as much as I was.
In the end all the transactions were cancled, and we’ve recovered 80% of the lost money (and likely will recover the full 100%, but I’m not going to be pleased if I have to pester them for it).
I wanted to put this post up, not to complain, but to give some praise to the people who did help out (and maybe name a couple names of those who were less than helpful), and to show you that this kind of thing happens, but it’s not the end of the world. We got the ebay problem solved in less than 24 hours from the incursion. We had to do most of the leg work ourselves, but it got done. The bad guys are out there. Don’t let them win.
We’ll see you tomorrow. New violent blue up today


essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


Thank You Florence Henderson

AutographsI’ve heard if you send her an email, you’ll still get a preprint photo, but if you send her a picture and a SASE you’ll get a real autograph. I’ll go for real any time. There’s even an address on her website! And let’s face it, who DIDN’T grow up with Florence Hederson? She never ran away from that persona as the Brady mom, but rather embraced it and it kept her on television for decades, doing commercials and game shows and guest spots! This is a great addition to my collection.



essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


In Defense of Hellraiser Bloodline


untitledIt’s a guilty pleasure, one of the weakest of any of the theatrical Hellraiser films, but I feel I have to step up and defend this one. In fact, Hellraiser in general will be getting a lot of my attention in this column over the next year.

First and foremost, please don’t tell me that this one sucks because it’s the one in space. I’ll likely slap you in the face. Yes, a part of it does take place in space, but it’s less than a third of the film and was planned as even less.

Ah plans.

This is possibly the single most meddled with of all the Hellraiser films. I’ve read no less than four scripts for it and own not only the theatrical, but also an strange workprint that surfaced over at The Hellbound Web. You can see a great deal more emphasis placed on modern day and the past sequences, making it a great deal better in fact. There’s more terror, more threat. Less….dog.

imagesCAFH5H33Of course by this time, Dimension wanted more slasher material, less of the haunting villain. In the late 80’s and 90’s Peter Atkins was really the custodian of Hellraiser. He was the scriptwriter and one of the guiding forces of the story. You can see where the studio tinkered to get more kills, or came up with bizarre ideas like making the chatterer in this film a chatterbeast…. The litany of how much Dimeinsion interfered with this is legend but let’s hit a few key points

Adding the space wraparound to get to Pinhead sooner,  despite every version of the script up until then having him appear around the 40-minute mark.

imagesCAZ9Z6EQMore kills, less plot. Huge chunks of the script were excised. Scenes that were filmed were left of the cutting room floor – in general you edit seconds, minuets out, not scenes…certainly not ones that explain dialogue and plot points.

We know Kevin Yagher quit. I’ve read in more than one place that his replacement did as well, and in other places I’ve heard of as many as four different directors for this film.

For all of this, there are great moments. LeMerchant is portrayed a little more heroically than he was in the comics, but ochildne could chalk that up to it being told from a family history point of view which makes him more heroic, less of a sadistic serial killer. We really do get an interesting history of the box and the scene of  the Merchant building (which pretty much picks up straight off from the end of Hellraiser three) is perfect. It’s a lot of what I wanted from the end of that film. There’s a scene with Pinhead and John Merchant’s child that still disturbs me. It’s not like a jump scare, it’s not terror…it’s horror. He has the kid and you just don’t know what he’s going to do with him. He’s invaded your very ordinary domestic world and you’re just human. Powerless. The design of the cenobite Angelique is nothing short of stunning. Extremely Hellraiser.

I’ve actually got no complaints about the “in space”. The ship is gloomy, dirty, camped. There’s dust and chains and cold metal all around.  They play it straight, and really, it heightens the feeling of isolation. It’s like a haunted house with monsters romancing the halls…only there’s no hope of escape. shipYou either defeat the monsters or they YOU WILL DIE. It’s pretty horrifying in of itself. of course the idea of Cenobites roaming the station looking for people to kill is not exactly Hellraiser, instead it’s what the studio thought would be an easier sell.

If you haven’t seen it in a while, this movie is worth a second look. This is a film that improves on subsequent watching, perhaps because you know what to expect. I’ve always viewed Hellraiser as episodic and this movie is really three different episodes of that series, adding just a slight bit more to the mythos. If you can find the original workprint, it’s worth watching (avoid the “reconstruction” one floating around Youtube. It’s got some of the missing scenes, but then adds some weird CG ones of it’s own as well).