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Archive for January 12, 2015

Je Suis Charlie

Originally I had an argo city movie night planned for the space but, the events over the last weekend really dictated a different kind of post. First and foremost I want to address the death of comedian Taylor Negron. I was a big fan of Taylor way back from his comics trip live appearances in the 90s. It’s always cool to see someone like that really grow and develop, and far too many comedians from that era like Richard Geni and Sam Kinison are simply no longer with us. There were a myriad of comedians exploding on the scene during that initial Seinfeld run (not sure if that was the chicken or the egg, but comedy really did become the hottest thing ever right at that time), and most of them faded away I’ll admit. But really, it was also time that launched a lot of careers. I’m gonna Miss Taylor, and all the different appearances that he made. Taylor never was a headliner it seemed like, but man did he show up in every TV show film and guest role that he could get his grubby little hands on.
It also seems significant to touch on the events in France and the hash tag that’s been falling around the Internet lately. First and foremost if you are going to use it please get it right. it’s Je Suis Charlie. It is NOT “Jesus is Charlie”. Trust me when I tell you Charlie was most definitely not Jesus. I have no doubt that at this point they have met, but the Bible tells me I’m not allowed to Judge those cartoonist’s spiritual state (That’s what the whole “judge not lest you be judged” passage actually means.please stop misquoting it everybody), and as such I cannot rightly comment on how I believe that meeting went though I have my suspicions.I don’t like to handle. I never did period our opinions clash, our worldviews clash. I did not particularly respect the magazine as a cartoonist or as a satirist. I read one blogger who mentioned liberals have a tendency to react when something is banned are attacked by glorifying or are lionizing the attacked concept . I don’t think the sort of blasphemy or ugliness that came out of try Habdo deserves that sort of admiration. But their right to create and publish it with out being murdered for it, indeed should be protected . it’s a case of “I hate when you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it” and in that respect, as a cartoonist myself who occasionally publishes material that is religious and therefore controversial, Je Suis Charlie.

And by the way there is new Violent Blue up today! Maybe they can lighten the mood and get your mind off of the terrible events of last week.


The Prometheus trap

Movie bannerThe Prometheus Trap can be summed up in a very simple way. It wants to be Triangle (Imdb referance here) in space. We have a very standard time loop kind of story where the crew is unaware that things are changing .Over all, this film lacks the power of script that Triangle had. Triangle attempts to elevate the above subject matter, and really gives us a sense of dread, playing with the atmosphere and the timeline itself . You’re not really aware that you in some sort of weird time loop period until well into the film. Prometheus on the other hand, wears it like a badge of honor on its sleeve.

The Prometheus Trap has a great poster,now I know you cant judge a book by its cover, in the same is true of any movie, however I checked out the screen grabs insight in arresting costumes nice-looking said and some good-looking ships. That elevated it above a lot of sci-fi dreck that we run into from time to time. The production values are good, and the look is standard that stylized. The real problem here is the script in areas it almost feels like it wants to be terribly philosophical, however it doesn’t have anything to say (Though, I’ll admit I liked the bit about being programed to know your creator – there some Christian philosophy in there somewhere…) and the plot is just threadbare.

This is a problem because it doesn’t justify the 89 minute running time. One almost gets the impression that the screenwriter figured that because it  going to be repeating events over and over and over again we don’t really need that much plot and character development. This is where the film largely fails and possibly is the starkest contrast to Triangle which is all about character development. I suspect this would have worked better as a short subject rather than a feature film There’s some clever bits here, like the androids being able to perceive the time loop because thier memories are cloud based, stored outside the bubble, but it’s just not enough.

In the end I’d say don’t waste your time on this one. It’s rare that I say completely pass on something but this one just isn’t worth the time to watch. If you’re flipping channels and find on SyFy  hang out for half an hour or so you’ll get the basic idea and then move along.

Don’t forget, there’s new Violent Blue today!