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essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

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Casino and Switchblade


Some more for Angel Lite comics. The evil Casino the Swami and his associate Switchblade. I believe these are the bad guys for their  series “The Ballad”. I’m really pleased with how dynamic Casino came out with my overuse of cross hatching….

Casino Switchblade

Gothic Lolita Psycho

Movie bannerGothicAndLolitaPsychoDVDThis is a fun film in the same tradition as Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl Versus Frankenstein Girl. However when I find this film is it may be a bit superior to both.  Tokyo Gore Police very much lives up to it’s name and I always felt that it was far more heavy on the gore then necessary (and this is coming from somebody who enjoys gore) Vampire Girl versus Frankenstein Girl was very much all style and very little plot. The gore is still there but the focus was a little more on the action. Still the aesthetic didn’t always work for me and some elements, like the Frankenstein girl’s look just put me off. Gothic Lolita Psycho works the best of the three films and it’s actually fun watching this strange genre evolve.

Now mind you, this is a comic book. In fact it’s less than a comic book. There is no real plot here, just kinetic action and blood, crazy as the most fevered anime you could watch. It’s a standard revenge story, a group of evil people kill the girls mother (and by the way, we never really don’t get an explanation for this. no why, no motivations, it isn’t even gothic_lolita_psycho_mainexplained as  a random killing. They were definitely targeted, but we just never find  out why), and she goes out to do revenge in a stylized and eccentric way. This film is really just an excuse to create amazing looking set pieces. It’s all action, but incredible action and very cool visuals. The look and feel pleases me, and that could have something to do with my own Gothic roots. The weapon of choice is an umbrella that has so many lethal variations it would make the penguin blush with envy, flush with guns, blades and handled with the skill of a martial artist using a bo staff or billy club.

Tgothic-lolita3o me the most memorable of all the villains is Emma, who is the epitome of the Japanese manga high school girl with pink in rhinestones and over-the-top cuteness, including a cell phone built into wonderful wicked looking guns (seriously, look at those things… double barreled handguns with a blade slipped int between them Someone got that stupid gun from the Green Hornet and did it right – those things are scary!). Other villains that get sliced and diced thorough are a slightly harlot looking owner of a gambling den, a very plain average looking lock pick,along with a bizarre teacher and of course the gangs ringleader who appears to have the powers of Mr. Fantastic….


All in all this is a fun ride period it’s worth you time to watch it at least once period especially if you can rent it rather than purchasing.


Angel Lite commission


An Angel Lite commission.

William Zo Walker a.k.a. Amp. former pimp and hit man to El Cartel. After he found that El Cartel had his wife killed and pinned on him he went to work for Cartel. After Cartel threaten his daughter April and grandson Duston. He quit and co founded The Red Lobos and The Red Raiders

amp1 amp2


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Last week Monday through Sunday


I’ll tell you what, every time I’m just about ready to get up on agent Carter they take a left turn which sucks me right back in and keep me on board. There’s no way that I could’ve predicted the rather, explosive end of this episode. And it’s enough to keep me around for one more week.
Gotham got really engaging as well this week as well.  I like how things are going although the back story of joker coming from an actual circus kind of infuriates  me . There wasn’t a whole lot to the mystery itself, the way things were set up were fine, I just wish to God it had not been foreshadowing the Joker.

I also had to put up with the return of Barbara Keane or as I like to call her the most useless piece of flesh on the planet. My hatred for this woman just seems to know limits. Kind of interesting to see her come home and find Selena and Ivy squatting in her apartment but there’s really not much more to it than that and I’m not sure there’s anywhere else to go with that.

This weeks episode of the flash on the other hand, well it wasn’t really an absolutely flash now was it?  This week it was the firestorm show. It’s not terrible don’t mind you, and to get to watch Clancy Brown trip around as general Eilling was an absolute delight. Still the show is called the flash, and I felt like we got very little of the flash and a whole lot more of fire storm instead. Don’t get me wrong, I like firestorm> I’m a big fan of Gerry Conway, who created him. We met several times but this really smacks of backdoor pilot especially with the way they are there leaving at the end to go wandering the earth all David Banner style. That just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I’m eager to get back to more flash rogues next week. Oh by the way reverse Flash and Grodd at the end, just mind blowing.
When it comes to the walking dead, I think I’m just spoiled . I know what is happening  from the comics and they seem to be falling a lot more closely to that these days. he introduction of Aaron as the envoy just felt stretched out this episode. I really was anxious to  see them actually arrive at Alexandria and the fact that they drew the drama and the tension out to the entire episode was not something I was expecting. Not necessarily a bad move, I guess that I think I’m just a little bit spoiled by knowing what’s coming.

The previes for Gotham this week look amazing and I’m eager to see what happens over the next five episodes period will be turning into night!


essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday

215I’ve never seen I spit on your grave. Not into rape / revenge films. I have however, seen Zombie Abomination. Thomas Berdinski is the most enthusiastic filmmaker ever and a Wasteland regular.


essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


Mermaid Princess

art showBanner

We love it when the girls make books here. I think it’s a reaction to their exposure to comics over the years….
Presenting the Mermaid Princess

book1 book2


essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


In Defense of X- Force


imagesCA9PYZBQX-Force doesn’t always get the respect it deserves for two reasons.

One : Rob Liefield. The man is hated beyond reason. I understand he rubs some folks the wrong way and that he’s not the greatest artist ever, but his astetic practaclly defined the 90’s and that can’t be denied. If it’s not your preferred look (and it’s not mine) then that’s fine but the hatred for Liefield seems to border on the irrational at times.

Two : It’s a mutation (see what I did there?) of the New Mutants, and was that really necessary? It actually goes back to Liefield and who did he think he was trying to relaunch the books so it was just his???

imagesCA0NU0NVCan I tell you why I have a soft spot for X-Force? It’s the book  that got me into X-Men.

I’ve always been team DC, but in the 90’s I wasn’t reading ANY X titles. I hated the 80’s costumes…to pointy. Seriously. On day I was browsing and I came across X-Force #19, and I was hooked. It drew me into the greater world of the X-Men in the 90’s and this is a good thing.

I’d point out, this wasn’t Liefield’s X-Force. Sure it was his lineup, but he’d since left for Image. This was Fabian Nicieza’s run. IN fact, for a while there he seemed to have a finger in everything X related, and this is the incarnation of X-Force I love.

Attempts to redo them or reteam them just never worked for me, though I kind of like the covert ops team with Wolverine…mostly because it was something totally new. Still, I love going back to those Nicieza days and reading that era of X-Force. Look! War machine’s in this issue!