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Archive for February 23, 2015

Last week Monday through Sunday


I’ll tell you what, every time I’m just about ready to get up on agent Carter they take a left turn which sucks me right back in and keep me on board. There’s no way that I could’ve predicted the rather, explosive end of this episode. And it’s enough to keep me around for one more week.
Gotham got really engaging as well this week as well.  I like how things are going although the back story of joker coming from an actual circus kind of infuriates  me . There wasn’t a whole lot to the mystery itself, the way things were set up were fine, I just wish to God it had not been foreshadowing the Joker.

I also had to put up with the return of Barbara Keane or as I like to call her the most useless piece of flesh on the planet. My hatred for this woman just seems to know limits. Kind of interesting to see her come home and find Selena and Ivy squatting in her apartment but there’s really not much more to it than that and I’m not sure there’s anywhere else to go with that.

This weeks episode of the flash on the other hand, well it wasn’t really an absolutely flash now was it?  This week it was the firestorm show. It’s not terrible don’t mind you, and to get to watch Clancy Brown trip around as general Eilling was an absolute delight. Still the show is called the flash, and I felt like we got very little of the flash and a whole lot more of fire storm instead. Don’t get me wrong, I like firestorm> I’m a big fan of Gerry Conway, who created him. We met several times but this really smacks of backdoor pilot especially with the way they are there leaving at the end to go wandering the earth all David Banner style. That just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I’m eager to get back to more flash rogues next week. Oh by the way reverse Flash and Grodd at the end, just mind blowing.
When it comes to the walking dead, I think I’m just spoiled . I know what is happening  from the comics and they seem to be falling a lot more closely to that these days. he introduction of Aaron as the envoy just felt stretched out this episode. I really was anxious to  see them actually arrive at Alexandria and the fact that they drew the drama and the tension out to the entire episode was not something I was expecting. Not necessarily a bad move, I guess that I think I’m just a little bit spoiled by knowing what’s coming.

The previes for Gotham this week look amazing and I’m eager to see what happens over the next five episodes period will be turning into night!