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Last Week


The FlashOh my God, did I call it? Didn’t I  call it? After a  SERIOUS Flash episode with huge ups and downs, we have one huge mulligan!

I was still happy to seethe return of our rogues and the real introduction of the Golden Glider. I do love how  this series goes on and even though this  episode wasn’t even remotely a worthy follow up to the previous  week, it’s still better than a whole lot of the dreck on TV.

iZombie came  out with a strong second episode, although I really would prefer if it was a less-sexy series. I don’t know that it needs the sensuality, particularly with the intrigue that we got set up with the intrduction of our new zombie friend. I’m really eagar for the next episode of this….and i’m going to be pissed if we have to put up with a stupid mid season break with this series as well…..

The Walking Dead. Man, I love a quarter staff. Who knew Morgan was going to turn out tizombieo be such a tough guy??? That was a great opening, to say nothing of the rescue he makes later on. On the other hand we start right off hating the people of Alexndria again. It doesn’t really go away either does it? The Mayor, Pete, Nicholas, you just want to grab them by the shoulders and shake them while yelling “What is WRONG with you?” Carol’s right, these people are children. Nicholas beef with Glen, and just the fact that they even let someone like Pete exist (not to mention his tantrum(s) this episode), these are the actions of self interested children. They don’t deserve Rick and his group.

I think the image of Sasha laying in the pit of zombies was beautiful.Over-the-top and pointless, but beautiful. And Father Gabriel…I wonder. Has he finally woken up? Does he finally get what this world has become?

I’m not sure how I feel about Daryl’s new adventures out in the wilderness, it’s an interesting direction though and it looks very much like they have a plan.Still, there’s just a sense of dread, especially with the wolves out there. It’s a whole new threat…and the trap with the trucks full of zombies only serves to showcase just how big of  one.TheWalkingDeadPoster

By the way, we have the name now for out Walking dead spin-off. “Fear the Walking Dead”. Let’s look at some of the real positives, AMC has shown they understand the soul of the show and I’m interested in  seeing if they can duplicate it. The idea of exploring the early days of the outbreak is fascinating, and it also provides a built in expiration date just in case the series isn’t received as well – indeed I think this kind of a show would be better served as a mini-series anyhow, but we’ll see.

New Violent Blue tomorrow. Stop watching TV and check it out.



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