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Archive for April 5, 2015

last week

tvizombieiZombie seems to have mellowed out a bit this week. That’s okay, I like mellow episodes. You can’t have spectacular every week. Even with an average story, this still has some interesting plot points. We finally get to see a feral zombie – what Gwen would ultimately turn into if not kept fed with brains. This is interesting because up until now, the zombies here haven’t really been a big threat. I mean, they’re sinister, but in a more vamperic way, not in a walking dead manner.

Hmmm. Vampiric. Yeah, they are more like Vampires than zombies aren’t they? Perhaps that’s the real appeal to me here. My daughter’s pissed though, she likes her zombies scary and wasn’t very impressed with Gwen. She freaked out with delight when Jeannie came up on stage though….

I sat down and re-read the entire run of iZombie by the way. I knew they were different, but I had forgotten HOW diffrent. I feel like I should be outraged, but honestly, I kind of still like this better. It’s a genuinely GOOD TV adaption and I’m just really enjoying it, much  the way I enjoyed Constantine’s translation to the small screen (Not as drastic, but still, some significant differences).

Still I wanted to see more of what out sinister zombie dude is doing…I can see they are going to draw this out a bit….

cu141209e310946361_349944405209039_1010017060_nThe Flash on the other hand….what rightly should have been an average episode was turned upside down by the return of Mark Hamill to the role of the Trickster. This is the epitomie of what I love in this series. It loves the old series, is very respectful of what has come beofre while still driving the series in it’s own unique direction. I like the young trickster Axl in the comics and was thrilled to see him in the series – He’s not nearly as interesting in the role as Hamil was, but those are some pretty big shoes to fill arn’t they? The whole Hannibal Lecter thing with Hamill worked WAY better than it hand any right to. Shocking how well it worked. Barry’s adventures really took a back seat to watching Hamil and Shipp reunite. I just can’t say enough good about this. I think in general there’s a roar of approval from the fans in just that the new series acknowledges t hat the 90’s Flash exists – not canon, but not forgotten, and to use images from it and the good will hamill-2-trickster-flashthat Hamil brings with him from that series, it’s as brilliant a move as casting John Westley Shipp in a recurring role as Barry’s father.

We also get a better idea of exactly what’s going on with Reverse Flash. Yes, THAT got my attention, though I was still constantly waiting impatiently for the Trickster to show up again, we now know exactly when Doctor Wells was replaced…a lot of things falling into place now as we race through the back end of the series.