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Archive for April 6, 2015

movieposterSo like I mentioned, I headed out to UHF on Saturday night. The movie is one that I always thought I really should’ve liked, it’s one that has everything in it that I really love and yet I’ve never been a fan.

I think my biggest problem is that I saw this long after I had left the theatres and became a cult hit.  I had already heard all the good jokes and one-liners poorly done by my friends at school and when I finally got around to watching it it was at home late at night on the local movie station.
Therein lies the problem. UHF isn’t the kind of film you should watch alone, it’s one of those movies that really has to be experienced in a group. Cinema Wasteland
In fact there are a lot of films like that, it’s the reason I go to conventions really. I hit Cinema Wasteland twice a year just because they’re gonna show films that I’d never even think to look for, and I get to experience them not only with the filmmakers, but with a group of like-minded the movie fans and it makes all the difference.
I remember one night at my friend Johnny Em’s house, when Austin Powers was at the height of his popularity.  I hated these films – I still do really, but that night I remember laughing raucously through the entire thing and wondering why these had never been so funny before.  it’s the group, the community and it’s the greatest argument I can make for the filmgoing experience.
Cedar Lee mapI’m heading out to wasteland this weekend, seeking out that communal experience, and then in May I’ll be heading to 12 hours of terrible, 12 hours of horrible films, B-movies. It’s the first time that the Cedar Lee has attempted this period I think it’s going to work, much the same way the 12 hours of terror at the Capitol did because of that community. That great love of film and the communal experience of taking in these films together. Whoever says the movie going experiences is dead or dying is a fool. I don’t know where you live, but Cleveland has cheap theaters around cheap screenings, cult, foreign and a really thriving film scene. Grab some friends and check out flick this weekend, trust me your better for it.

popWhile everyone has a favorite “Elseworlds” or “What If…?” story, this will also be the perfect time to discuss the current DC Convergence at this weeks west side  Pop meeting in Parma!