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indexI just love this series so much. If there was ever a series that gave Ambush Bug a run for it’s money this is it.

Slapstick is actually a high school comic book fan who finds a magic cartoon glove that transforms him in the cartoonish hero slapstick. That’s really all you need to know.

I’ve never understood why this series wasn’t a bigger hit. Comedy is hard to do in comics, very few “humor” magazines actually are. Marvel’s “What The???” always failed to make me laugh, and I gave it multiple tries just because John Byrne was drawing it.  Deadpool manages on it’s good days, but that’s still an action series as well. Ambush Bug was one of the only series that ever consistently made me laugh. Slapstick does the same with outrageous comedy…the events with Ghost Rider defy description…and yet …well it’s easier to just show you.index2

Yeah. That’s not going to end well.

This series lasted four issues and I never understood why it was never revisited. Even Ambush Bug shows up in the back of DC comics. Slapstick just slung his giant mallet over his shoulder and rode off into the sunset, never to be seen again.

This series is worth seeking out. You probably won’t find these in the dollar bins, and you’ll have to dig through a lot of dusty longboxes to locate it but trust me, you won’t regret it.