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Monster Walk at the Five O’ Clock

11150312_446530692177735_7895493539660099601_nThe Five O’Clock lounge is where I started doing zombie walks. It’s the first one Maddie went to when she was about four years old even. Despite the walk changing hands and now being a monster walk, we still love hitting up the five O’Clock and creeping around Lakewood.

Because this is a MONSTER walk and not just a zombie walk, you see a greater variety of creature. It’s also an excuse for the kids to extort new costumes out of me. Maddie asked for a Mummy costume and Lydia wanted to be a “Dead Mermaid”. It’s amazing what you can do with scrap fabric and dollar store sand toys. I pulled out my Groot outfit for it’s final go-around. Yes, I’m retiring this one – it requires too much maintenance and is a  real devil trying to get out of. I still love it, and may try to rebuild it in future days, but as for this incarnation, it’s the last time you will see him.  11162449_1585133695073252_8451596400259686963_nWe were met at the donation table by a  young woman who was  thrilled to see Groot showing up, nice to be appreciated. A few people referred to me  as  Treebeard, a good guess, probably more accurate of a costume for him actually. we made out donations and headed back to see what other monsters were joining us.

It was a chance for Ginger to break out out her bag lady outfit, while Mark showed up as Odurus Unrungus and his girlfriend Jen by his side in the most adorable hand-made Gizmo outfit (my little mermaid’s favorite monster at the walk – now both of my girls are asking to see Gremlins). IMG_2524

The ZEROS (Zombie eradication and rescue operations squad) was there to lead and keep traffic flowing.  We started a bit late, waiting for things to get going and before the walk Sgt. Cunningham of the ZEROS gathered everyone up to remember and memorialize a fallen comrade. William Stanely, Aka Reaper, a very young man who died suddenly and unexpectedly earlier this month. You could still see Reaper in the crowd, on helmets, and in hearts.

Over a hundred people turned out for this monster walk, all of them bringing canned food for the Lorain County food bank, along with donations. Parents brought thier kids, and there were a lot of friends in the crowd. Its an event I really love sharing with my girls, even though it means I don’t get to socialize quite as much as I might want to.  We finally got to grab some stuff from Hardcore confections, and the girls each got a chocolate brain (strawberry cake covered in chocolate). Around us we could see happy (and slightly dead) faces at the taco truck, and looking over the art, as well as people in the makeup tent, transforming into horrifying creatures. Great fun s we wandered the streets, zombies attacking cars and Mr. Tickles the clown chatting up random passers by. A great day for a good cause. The next zombie walk in in about a month, and I hope to see you all again.

Photos follow – I admit I stole a bunch of Zombiekitten’s because she got some better shots thazn I did and the group shot is from Photos by Desmalta, a regular a these events. Watermarks intact.


13127_954445937933163_1243314856576348930_n 13693_955559664488457_3466163447494802428_n 20684_10203009258312884_7239650018113637700_n 10390159_955613661149724_2550752427213197639_n 10953280_955559671155123_8594985745586746441_n 10995554_699777750149046_4634465382361776701_n 11046694_954449407932816_2027328623131019396_n 11051975_955559464488477_1879654889714928939_n 11060452_699772560149565_7549941417877925658_n 11069520_446530122177792_6272734632812171818_n 11079446_699773430149478_8038875034534141323_o 11130248_446531822177622_5223862959598963112_n 11139008_446530475511090_1250672122589188380_n 11146607_10203009256672843_4583687129023638993_n 11147090_955563444488079_259812939091313926_n 11150312_446530692177735_7895493539660099601_n 11150582_446531495510988_5387696664462177135_n 11150864_1585133858406569_212600668659631527_n 11156307_446530535511084_3903563913924134137_n 11157565_10203005647382613_50860274878659847_o 11160589_955558701155220_2603707486821628362_n 11164049_10204140472819111_4258909581448347836_n 11164792_446530158844455_352469693930967830_n 11178323_446532522177552_6088460031338011703_n 11178338_446531592177645_3385639962300418422_n New_IMG_2446 New_IMG_2447 New_IMG_2448 New_IMG_2450 New_IMG_2452 New_IMG_2453 New_IMG_2455 New_IMG_2457 New_IMG_2459 New_IMG_2461 New_IMG_2463 New_IMG_2464 New_IMG_2465 New_IMG_2466 New_IMG_2468 New_IMG_2469 New_IMG_2471 New_IMG_2473 New_IMG_2475 New_IMG_2478 New_IMG_2482 New_IMG_2485 New_IMG_2488 New_IMG_2489 New_IMG_2490 New_IMG_2491 New_IMG_2493 New_IMG_2500 New_IMG_2501 New_IMG_2502 New_IMG_2503 New_IMG_2504 New_IMG_2505 New_IMG_2508 New_IMG_2510 New_IMG_2511 New_IMG_2512 New_IMG_2513 New_IMG_2521 New_IMG_2525 New_IMG_2526 New_IMG_2527 New_IMG_2528 New_IMG_2529 New_IMG_2530 New_IMG_2531 New_IMG_2535 New_IMG_2538 New_IMG_2539 New_IMG_2540 New_IMG_2541 New_IMG_2542 New_IMG_2543 New_IMG_2544 New_IMG_2545 New_IMG_2546 New_IMG_2547 New_IMG_2549 New_IMG_2551 New_IMG_2553 New_IMG_2560 New_IMG_2561Can’t forget Lydia’s drawings from the day!

New_IMG_2566 New_IMG_2565 New_IMG_2564


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