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Avengers 2 and Free Comic Book Day

eventsweekendOh I hurt.

Achy. Tired. That was a long weekend. We’ll get to 12 hours of terror and the zombie walk later, but for now I just want to talk about Free Comic Book Day. This actually seems like the perfect place to discuss Avenger Age of Ultron a bit too. I’m not reviewing this movie. If you want that, there’s literally thousands of reviews out there. I just have a couple minor observations.

I like this movie. I liked the first one as well, there’s some confusion about that because I do say some  negative things. Like the first film, I don’t think this is the greatest comic book film ever, but I like it.

It’s long though….man it is long. They spend a lot of time trying to introduce new characters and in a lot of ways really end up trying to cram too much into one movie. This actually might have been better served as two 90 minuet films instead of the two and a half hour long opus we get.

I like the new characters, don’t get me wrong. I like them and I enjoy seeing returning support cast like War Machine and Falcon .The end where we see the potential “New” team lineup is exciting, but man it really did feel like they were trying to shoehorn them into this narrative. Just too long. absolutely failed the watch test.

The other thing about this movie is the fight sequences. There’s a trap that action sequels frequently fall into. It has to be bigger, better, more explosions, more fighting, bigger conflict. That’s fine, but there’s also such a thing as too much scope. Revenge of the Sith had this issue with the beginning space fight. There was so much going on I couldn’t focus on anything, it was just amass of shapes flying around the screen, occasionally punctuated with a burst of light. Transformers constantly does this. The Matrix Reloaded is perhaps the most infamous example actually, with fight sequences so long and confusing I got bored.

AOU isn’t quite this bad, but they really did overload thier set pieces. With all the metal and debris and smoke flying around, I kept getting lost, trying to figure out what was going on. Joss Whedon needs to rein it in a bit, cut a few more seconds here and there and stop moving the camera so much.

A good film though. I love their versions of vision and Scarlet Witch and I again, Avengers manages to be a better Iron Man film than any of the ACTUAL Iron Man movies themselves. I am really eager to see what comes next.

17428_10153157401347278_1743001585121382801_nSo anyhow, I got off work, grabbed dinner and hit Carol and John’s to get in line for the Midnight release. I arrived about 6:45 and the line had already started. The party officially begins around 10 when the doors to the art show and the guests opens, then drinks and snack are at 10:30, but people get there long before that and by the time it got dark, the line stretched the length of Kamm’s Plaza. I found myself with some Pop members hanging out and discussing movies and comics – the time flew by fast. People had started to get smart here too, there was a Heroclix game going on in front of us (I was invited to sit in, but politely declined because let’s face it, I suck) along with card games around us and a group right next to us that would frequently break into singalongs.

No, not kidding. In fact, When the Ghostbusters car arrived, they all ran out into the street singing along with the song blasting from the automobiles speakers.

I broke out the Mr. Freeze costume around 9:45 and then barely sat down again untill it was time to head in for comics.

Between the midnight event and the day itself I got about 25 titles, but missed out on a few I had wanted (poor planning, and I though York wasn’t doing it this year. They did NO advertising and wern’t on the FCBD website) but still managed to have a great day constantly running into friends and freezing my way through the night!

Of course, Freeze wasn’t the only costume I put on this weekend…but more on that later. right now, here’s my photos for the event, and don’t forget, a new Violent Blue will be posting today!

11664_963485797029177_2328379345086020812_n 22324_963485890362501_4500351422080079945_n 1506642_963594307018326_9036131926291826288_n 1908181_963485997029157_2754851813918264122_n 1975119_963658303678593_4692692010553030697_n 10299997_963658307011926_2029356769157681391_n 10350994_963658300345260_8361279182919171300_n 10404065_963484560362634_1161920341977728063_n 10421963_963484453695978_9006476422076910723_n 10422911_963484550362635_7646163476997034448_n 10430424_963485620362528_5659851062644005554_n 10433890_963650130346077_4927608835885413478_n 10460980_963484270362663_7918751534875522806_n 10641114_963485887029168_6407543364552761491_n 10956466_963485003695923_2908870911707750513_n 10995303_963663923678031_2152366125086672621_n 10996665_963695687008188_8899024577725617413_n 11008440_963484787029278_2390997160571990067_n 11009163_963485883695835_8506346110590482127_n 11010592_963485793695844_6611509547554755299_n 11011776_963658297011927_1283427345131956121_n 11013118_963484800362610_7486961102494626233_n 11013308_963485983695825_7427960068867091809_n 11017526_963661600344930_2435061180124620635_n 11025625_963484360362654_6358236152344351705_n 11037467_963485780362512_4257387398088173002_n 11038574_963484283695995_8530215759838415866_n 11048759_963485790362511_336294143535942823_n 11058747_963650120346078_2481081525939594689_n 11072414_963652910345799_2302013719454637719_n 11072812_963481937029563_5446365641232804926_n 11107728_963672203677203_8877536750029259472_n 11109447_963485010362589_532361960521940873_n 11111051_963485007029256_4719787764506938354_n 11111119_963663927011364_3327152220830108820_n 11115586_963484443695979_4507164256365712892_n 11128056_964004306977326_2026407609324523512_n 11143147_963650127012744_7678127694255003153_n 11148465_963485627029194_5011182078247239184_n 11149355_963652470345843_6391571774813932088_n 11150382_963484903695933_6208533287329038869_n 11150457_964116113632812_8385948399352586768_n 11150803_963594303684993_8512900150353205682_n 11167806_963661530344937_5751990620424267929_n 11169887_963484793695944_5099581723017938719_n 11169971_963650123679411_3211899141562251446_n 11170344_963656950345395_7826548584178570882_n 11174760_963661537011603_6721130557996595088_n 11174867_963485000362590_8835521700080156917_n 11174911_963485630362527_6050039408265872988_n 11174967_963672207010536_4996618316666463395_n 11174999_963485993695824_2440571680830158149_n 11178244_963485710362519_6574351145654420245_n 11180326_963485700362520_6512556231442787842_n 11182114_963485703695853_7912613945128432558_n 11182154_963484280362662_4167440604305128001_n 11182205_963594270351663_8909435711148541981_n 11182369_963652907012466_2267174531671338499_n 11183463_963484440362646_6401738588139442933_n 11188215_963484897029267_2720527152230126634_n 11188289_963484273695996_1462658325186568242_n 11188396_963654517012305_2548512789184653161_n 11193243_963484363695987_4261143748075459254_n 11193328_963655237012233_3806111892586094427_n 11196315_963485090362581_4343923348986168573_n 11196359_963662927011464_7206771882148315411_n 11203158_963661527011604_2936919830251435958_n 11203726_963484907029266_239705461289550001_n 11205109_963484353695988_4919183821451674971_n 11205110_963485893695834_4601798292824102571_n 11205143_963484357029321_7864685688269395712_n 11205959_963485897029167_7018330025782042383_n 11206966_963484790362611_4144699475492761103_n 11207302_963485990362491_3672272066969058584_n 11207377_963484557029301_9057856357271441256_n 11209728_963484277029329_770685849641406419_n 11209737_963662930344797_4282497399037946621_n 11209759_963485697029187_7434506642123226234_n 11210508_963485633695860_987610711898048417_n 11210510_963484900362600_4056870894750676475_n 11215077_963484910362599_5514546715506047496_n 11218483_963484447029312_4393042601454640592_n 11218708_963485693695854_1525987403467518033_n

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