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Badi : Turkish E.T.


badiThe guys over at came up with a far better description of this than I ever could.

The American Original:

E.T., an adorable animatronic extraterrestrial, lands in a SoCal suburb  and teaches a lonely boy that he has a friend somewhere in the universe.

The Foreign Rip-Off:

Badi, a midget wearing a stained turtleneck and a mask resembling an uncooked  prawn, lands in a Turkish slum and teaches the audience that the universe is  filled with unremitting horror.

Basically that’s it. Aside from the unconvincing suit, this film has not need (or vlcsnap-168549desire) to be charming, so we get a beer swilling E.T. that inspires far more fear than friendship. Recommended only if your very into these kind of foreign rip-offs.




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