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Days of the Dead Indy (summer edition)


Again? I’m in Indinapolis again??? Why on earth am I making this trip for a third time in four months? I mean, I remember mentioning after my first Days of the Dead indy that I probably woun’t be back to this one…so why am I here TWICE this year?

Angus Scrimm.

Yeah, that’s pretty much the big draw for me. I mean, I said it last time – despite it’s size, I always ahve a good time at Days of the Dead, but it is a long five hour drive and this time I didn’t have the Dark Tower to plow through in the way down (Insomnia this time, but only about half of it) and if it hadn’t been for Angus, I would have skipped this one. I’m very glad I didn’t.


I got my tickets online, both for admission and my autograph ticket for Angus. $30 is actually less than he was charging at Flashback and they went out of thier way on the website to point out that you could take photos at the table with your camera (some guest won’t do that if the con is also selling professional photo ops, but Angus is far to classy for that). the pre-purchase was supposed to give you line jumping privileges as well, but forget that. I got in line a half hour before he was even supposed to be at his table. I had no intention of having a repeat of Flashback Weekend, where i waited a couple hours and the line shut down, missing my chance to meet him. I chatted with my line mate while we waited, and out of nowhere my friend Brandi tackled me while her husband grinned. They’d seen him yesterday, but it was still fun to chat with them for a bit. Mark and Brandi have been hitting a lot of the same shows I have this year – they’re regulars at Cinema Wasteland, but they were also at Motor City Nightmares on a different day as me this year, and Monster Bash last year.

About an hour later I got in. Angus’ line always moves slowly and you can kind of see the man slowing down a bit himself, but it was the highlight to the con for me – one of the best moments from con life ever. It was my fourth try trying to meet him….so happy.


Of course there were other guests I was eager to meet as well. I’ve been wanting to hit a con with Felissa Rose for a while now. I know it’s shallow of me, but wow…she grew up to be unbelievably beautiful! I mean, way hotter than the Springsteen chick that played the character in the later Sleepaway camp films…


But the the thing about Felissa is how remarkably friendly and effervescent she is. She was SO happy and SO outgoing, greeting me with a hug and talking with delight about the movie. I discovered that her real name is Felissa Rose Esposito! I mentioned that Dave, the person in charge of programming Cleveland Cinemas Late Shift is OBSESSED with the film – Felissa wants to come to a screening some time.

Kane Hodder teased her from across the isle with an empty whisky bottle.

“You finished it without me?”

“Yeah well,” Kane replied. “I had another signing later last night…in one of the hotel rooms….with my penis….”

Felissa laughed and rolled her eyes at me

“Because we all know I have penis envy….”

If you’ve seen Sleepaway camp, you’ll get that joke. If not…go watch Sleepaway Camp.

11695818_997382183639538_4470995841780660258_nMore hugging and then I was off to see Imogen Boorman – the little girl from Hellraiser 2. Another remarkably happy person, and really pleased to talk about the movie, and what it was like workign with everyone. She seems to have genuinely good memories of this film, and it’s remarkable that this was her first con appearance.


Finally, off to see Tony Moran before the Angus Scrimm Panel started. Tony was the unmasked Michael Myers in the first Halloween, and man is he a chatter. He reminds me of Robert Englund in the way he tells stories constantly, entertaining the entire line as he does. I loved hearing about his disbelief that donald Pleasence was going to be in the movie and that being his main reason for taking the role. It was funny that he never told anyone he did the film and his family was surprised when they saw him on screen – years later!


PJ Soles had a panel with him but there’s just one problem…..


The next day she lost her voice! She’d been coughing all con long and it finally caught up with her. Saturday she posted this sign at her table.


Angus’ Panel was fun – I never realized that he played Abraham Lincoln in a short educational film. Apparently it’s on the Phantasm 2 blu ray which is a good reason fro me to go and find that. He gave soem interesting insight on Phantasm 5 as well, something I can’t wait for. But his hearing isn’t good, sometimes he’d have probelms hearing the questions and perhaps get a little lost in his answers. I love hearing him speak. He has a great presence and you really feel how much of a career he’s had.

I caught Tobin Bell’s panel as well, another very humble person talking about working his way up in Hollywood. Fascinating to hear about his scenes in Goodfellas being almost comepletely cut out, Scenes with Sharon Stone in the Quick and the dead being trimmed down, and this happening again and again until saw – where NOTHING got cut! Fun listening to his surprise about hearing someone call him a horror icon for the first time…

They had him settled in a little side room which I found curious. His traffic never seemed as heavy and Angus. The Scrimm line wound all the way down the hall and around the corner all day. For some reasons, conventions seem to consistantly underestimate the turnout for Angus Scrimm. If anyone should have a side room with barriers and a twisty line it should have been Scrimm.


I ran into my friend Jeff from back here in Cleveland, a couple times actually and each time he was wearing a different face. Days of the dead has more cosplayers than your average horror convention and it’s something they encourage by bringing in groups like monsters amoung us and doing both costume and make up contests.


They really went the extra mile this time around, by creating a bunch of environments and settings for photo ops. Empty rooms, open coffins, the local haunted house created an asylum in brought in a cage and populated them with their own monsters as well that you could pose with. It gives the car on a distinct flavour, and a much more fantastic atmosphere.


I really do like days of the dead, and a lot of that has to do with how even though they’re big con, they try very hard to put on a great show. I got my little girls gremlins and fright  flicks trading cards from the “don’t eat the gum” booth, which they loved.


the autographs I got this weekend were my prize, that I and the time spent with some great people, in particular my line mate whose name completely escaped me…Brian?


He’s another one of those guys who shares with me just as much love for the Phantasm films as you can  imagine. We talked about meeting the rest of the cast – he actually got in to see Angus at Flashback. He plays  in a KISS tribute band which led to us talking music, and discussing Reggie Bannister’s CD. I asked if he ever heard Bill Thornbury’s music, but he hadn’t. I’ve got one and he did tell me he knew Bill played – he’d see his country stuff and his religious stuff. Bill plays music in the worship band at his curch, just like I do at mine and we enjoyed talking about that. Brian recalled that Bill was very genuine and sincere about his faith – it had impressed him. He’d gotten a bad crack in his windshield on the way to a con that Bill was at, and Bill had prayed over him for a safe trip home.

Yes. I’m that guy – the one that still talks about Jesus even when he’s at a horror convention.

Anyhow, we were in lines for both Angus and Tony, and bumped into each other by the cage, then took pictures for each other. You made my con a lot more fun dude, and I hope I see you again.

Oh, but I have more pictures….of course I have pictures…..

11700899_847526808668561_2387829402942094384_n 11694740_10105901522473519_6753311574933809053_n 11667509_847527532001822_5013846945209798716_n 11666189_1015192918493965_420732762227392118_n 11402800_663509557084186_2348896563678301184_n 11402977_10205410108066895_2287884885238212937_n 11412335_10152994450651235_7917059516428783068_n 11665441_10152994450386235_2554803345907970833_n 11666115_485308644966391_3943833731003082885_n 11202098_10207677771289182_5265281600093586679_n 11111212_948077845215393_7977605115312988715_n 10169195_785614971558346_2867907736041263649_n 1797503_1016113298401927_6310910937787535720_n 1797503_663509560417519_6329780440690639052_n 11048691_1022449887766850_6681759812817480486_n 11224528_1022449824433523_7729578144367361001_n 16917_10155772379970790_7641861762180690375_n 19015_847538865334022_8511697331933177236_n 19026_437617046420976_387979851016240843_n 11666181_10153026890636267_7440423908521382646_n 10409234_10205455018349069_855952318062899243_n 11709564_997266670317756_8125154607670204526_n 11709529_997247993652957_4680427354163979927_n 11698524_997141326996957_7734647982036409050_n 11698597_997140836997006_6261917474007459375_n 11698611_997141230330300_8373220308969102421_n 11698745_997266856984404_5452864505811158812_n 11702702_997183136992776_1164983707698363048_n 11693936_997266953651061_6956068181929143516_n 11692776_997266923651064_745811658688826380_n 11692757_997223193655437_5159427313919581347_n 11692578_997382180306205_3226243760747173879_n 11667411_997223330322090_5534248708440561748_n 11667417_997266560317767_3639059074706425354_n 11667455_997267010317722_4280829804352967495_n 11692505_997141476996942_2115227819263665033_n 11666261_997140643663692_5637475268147080282_n 11665676_997222970322126_4712333460650494133_n 11665665_997266710317752_2513917862747470619_n 11665570_997266613651095_8328570868103881687_n 11665523_997140980330325_2487165967487231396_n11665523_997140570330366_9149315716198466135_n 11665523_997140373663719_397883065779909900_n 11665497_997141083663648_7333338037346546154_n 11665402_997141593663597_5268863040363483458_n 11659478_997141153663641_8819575742136284507_n 11541919_997140410330382_5700851333635643761_n 11659255_997223200322103_8703555477995437086_n 11659462_997266583651098_2824407207816419932_n 11539767_997266806984409_369037946878137433_n 11403461_997140773663679_4190640880223449061_n 11403269_997141800330243_1210817606304409394_n 11403218_997183070326116_3680388159532478148_n 11249848_997266890317734_877459080892800488_n 11350625_997222966988793_1745052838912181205_n 11400996_997266516984438_1539428908270196248_n 11402792_997267040317719_4211486461922076969_n 11403027_997223056988784_6762591163538230956_n 11236148_997223070322116_5513439566652588047_n 11230912_997267076984382_1288372470182215781_n 11223815_997267100317713_9171136592047318744_n 11214050_997266646984425_2744941687579747086_n 11138126_997141766996913_7039824897669324089_n 11146473_997266503651106_7861764267764008436_n 11183435_997183133659443_6010222340176165508_n 11200899_997148916996198_7182921270495490358_n 11209629_997223063655450_2055185409914628161_n 11057734_997223210322102_1521261816841205733_n 11048789_997140476997042_6525635855170813576_n 11036767_997266830317740_5171103955382779842_n 10984571_997266480317775_1706984013845114992_n 10995640_997141536996936_6056447845110640720_n 10995640_997223060322117_4185375033494174326_n 11018323_997248090319614_1836266327880662669_n 10982000_997247776986312_4486542373339187027_n 10941858_997223483655408_5084281835101214726_n 10941522_997223216988768_3941847209500982921_n 10616721_997223190322104_3049036222561557964_n 10418974_997266783651078_8835493927997179172_n 10418990_997148893662867_7126087236304663639_n 10501748_997247863652970_2829129991429274026_n 10501762_997248106986279_3665070579063090079_n 10418445_997248070319616_3849149477962583161_n 10409633_997140686997021_3151586711308215952_n 10409122_997141716996918_3589632164060672135_n 10400011_997247703652986_3519452236080211660_n 10383098_997222973655459_5875814632826167378_n 1536623_997266730317750_3747108751417929329_n 1897911_997266750317748_2143978285207984045_n 10155037_997141293663627_4613129763514422471_n 18019_997247733652983_703297039449768433_n 18005_997267056984384_4597327327535396778_n 19022_997141826996907_9123820877482889712_n


Pop and women in comics


With so many great female characters and so many amazing women creators in the industry, it’s only right to celebrate their might! join us at 6:30 in parma!


Days of the Dead

site_headerDays of the Dead is one of the bigger cons out there, holding events in Indianapolis, Chicago, Atlanta and L.A.

Still, despite thier size, this isn’t just a big hall full of people waiting in lines, they go out of thier way to have quality panels, film screenings and really great guests. Angus Scrimm is coming this time around and he dosn’t make many appearances,so catch him while you can!

Derringer and Rugar


More character designs from Angel Lite’s The Ballad! These guys were based heavily off characters in Django Unchained, and I admit it shows. Still, tried to throw a sort of spacey look to it in the buttons on the jacket and things like that.

Derringer Rugar

Tech Zombies


I was working on the company blog doing an article about “zombie accounts” – user and email accounts on a company’s server that aren’t purged after an employee leaves. I wanted to have a little fun with it though, so I altered up these two old photos from Zombie walks back in 2010 or 2009. I’ve always loved how these came out and it’s even more fun because I was doing these on company time for company purposes!

zombie zombie2

Monster Bash 2015



Well it was that time again and my little mummy wanted to bring her sister out for her very first Monster Bash!

We began our day with movies – the Mummy’s Hand (Maddie has been very into mummise and Egypt this year). It’s a slower paced film than the girls were used to, but once the mummy came on screen they were on board. We stuck around for a talk on the Blob, and then for Tales from Dracula -a throwback film, trying very hard to emulate the universal look, while in some places updating it.

10354745_993016637409426_1712267105724655708_n 10408552_993016674076089_2381241738048415821_n 11054407_993016650742758_7277523621231299340_n

Remember we mentioned the Blob? One of the big attractions this year was an appearance by the creature itself! Ive been wanting to see this thing for ages and Lydia kept asking when we were going to find it! It’s a fascinating bit of silicone, and very cool to actually have gotten to see it up close.


11535681_993016377409452_4034905865089807503_n 1521329_993016444076112_5328645351032714496_n 10422507_993016317409458_463495872120733251_n 10384343_993016587409431_4225759240415283027_n

It’s a shame we could only make Friday this year, Saturday is when a lot of the real fun happens, but it was still a great day exploring the dealers room and watching movies. One of my absolute favortie things were the wax figures from the Witches Dungeon, this year a Dr. Phibes display!

11377201_993014130743010_5167208989084274056_n 10154295_993014010743022_2680812133784056633_n

On the way home we stumbled upon this bizarre shaved ice place in the back roads of Pennsylvania and had to stop. The fact that they had Tiger’s Blood snow cones made it stranger still.

10424315_993011990743224_7463013164939417431_n 11425130_993012034076553_4924634334177929040_n

All in all, still a great day at one of our favorite cons. I may just bite the bullet and head back this October now that I’ve seen Barbra Steele is on the guest list…..

20150619_114510 20150619_114445 20150619_114431 20150619_114424 11536125_992830500761373_4524282972612426444_n 11426325_993012347409855_8814494636730197196_n 11426737_993016240742799_2903184723460614006_n 11535903_993015880742835_1401340771316768939_n 11377354_993015117409578_2688226148433714906_n 11295823_993015514076205_4373431051564687520_n 11268001_993015664076190_1394381412946594996_n 11267670_993012170743206_3645049864486288581_n 11207376_993013737409716_4166181285585460044_n 11216720_993012324076524_2287465711985313500_n 11222471_993012417409848_2446363446290220300_n 11233499_993012594076497_8699235147877753605_n 11247084_992830297428060_7558609163997713910_n 11207293_993012454076511_3111639133913492764_n 11202869_993012484076508_1789939729989986534_n 11181847_992830017428088_7600697110609544290_n 11174818_993015930742830_5531874032409161353_n 11136712_993016190742804_1138867095996474290_n 11138139_993013984076358_619753822152411500_n 11146101_993016277409462_8229981163621272700_n 11148815_993012527409837_6775044098976905879_n 11156410_992830157428074_2555768712771481795_n 11136712_993012644076492_7464430482748616414_n 11111967_993012940743129_6274544310745628156_n 11048703_993012880743135_8378964629234879654_n 11041686_993012734076483_8725438666955698999_n 10563098_993015724076184_7359135857645894471_n 10527518_993015900742833_6313220615631962674_n 10502072_992830254094731_5866044451736713964_n 10906257_993012897409800_6897218770177728064_n 10484930_992830604094696_8878472113184108112_n 10479560_993012210743202_6082882158748343949_n 10469189_992830567428033_7004892118978056589_n 10449916_993014644076292_3056149691718870075_n 10439031_993013877409702_1977213669250855102_n 10407808_993016070742816_1923113447238069718_n 10420131_993013904076366_4322330019342646641_n 10400059_993012297409860_1553207632842028274_n 10357526_993015987409491_6777355288038715030_n 10352382_993016234076133_7882042739395907774_n 1932357_993013014076455_4081616405958352684_n 1549411_993016107409479_874718830089297410_n 1972433_993012380743185_7115516580692923314_n 1902761_993012580743165_5798570531644277601_n 1908005_992830110761412_8332381072027225364_n 10298775_993012700743153_8738880593410264712_n 10351070_993013690743054_1807339306483582794_n 1908102_993015757409514_1361970458319798500_n 1461878_993012674076489_7966679451004461896_n 551543_993012967409793_3539145497151131804_n 14685_993016560742767_7723794223025839292_n 9282_993012257409864_3380019505482918833_n

Monster Bash this weekend!

I’m packing the girls up and heading to Bash this weekend! Maddie loved it last year and Lydia is looking forward to her first horror con! If you see us, tap me on the shoulder and say hello!



art showBanner

This is a portrait of Maddie did of her and her friend George. She’s known him since they were babies.  I love the beautiful rainbow colored frame….

art  Maddie Friend

In Defense of Dracula 2000


drac1I’m well aware of the hate for this movie. I  tend to think that this comes down to expectations perhaps. there’s always a lot of “How dare they” and “Who do they think they are claiming this to be a sequal to Dracula?” (I get that. I have the same reaction to Dacre Stoker’s terrible book….). Hammer did a ton of Dracula sequals. Many of which are far weaker than this one.

Perhaps it’s what pop culture has done to the vampire. This Dracula is evil. Plain and simple. No rational, the wounded lover, he brooding immortal, no just evil, driven by want and spreading his disease of vampirism everywhere he goes. This is not Anne Rice or Stephanie Myer’s (yes, I equate them both the same for their watering down of the mythology and over romanticizing. Stop changing the beast. If you don’t want to write about vampires then write about something else, don’t change what already exists!) kind of swooning dark lover. This is a monster. We’re not used to this, but I think we need to get back to it (a reason 30 days of night was so popular.).

It also draws criticism because it looks like it a cool, young, hip cast like any other disposable horror movie – remember what I was saying about Hellraiser:Hellworld.

drac2This isn’t exactly the case. We get the group at the beginning as fodder, but we don’t really follow t hem. We start off with a high tech band of thieves who break into an insanely secure vault and make off with the only thing they find…a coffin they mistake to be a safe. The coffin contains Dracula, held weakened and captive by an immortal VanHelsing who keeps himself alive using Dracula’s blood, filtered through leaches. He intends to stay alive until he can find a way to destroy Dracula once and for all.. Other vampires can be killed but Dracula holds a secret….

This is great stuff. There’s high tech thieves (ala Oceans 11, but younger), Biblical mystisicm, and great vampire action. This is an all star cast as well. Seriously, look at this list : Danny Masterson (That 70’s Show and Men at Work), Omar Epps imagesCA6NBGN1(House M.D.), Jeri Ryan (Star Trek : Voyager, Boston Public), Jonny Lee Miller (Hackers, Elementary) – even Christopher Plummer!

Finally, the movie has a bit of a comic book feel to it. That may turn some people off, though I don’t understand why. My favorite Vampire film ever is the Lost Boys. Slick and modern (for the time) with that same Graphic Novel feel to it. This works for me. Just enough action, just enough blood, Dracula’s appeal to the opposite sex is shown but not over stated, it’s the perfect vampire movie to me.

Now that you know what you’re getting into, go check this out again – but don’t confuse this with the terrible Dracula 3000 and skip the sequels. Just enjoy this one for what it is, a fun vampire movie with some great familiar faces.

The Chinese Popeye -The Dragon Lives Again (1976)


popeyeIn Chinese Hell, Popeye goes on adventures with his friends Bruce Lee and Caine  from Kung Fu, all the while vexing his arch-nemeses Dracula, Clint  Eastwood, the Exorcist, and James Bond.

I don’t thinki I’ve ever been so disturbed. This one is a VERY recent find. Still, it’s really an attempt to cash in on the Bruce Lee xccraze of the late 70’s after his death so you have fun martial arts…

and popeye….

um. Lets just move along now.




Pop- continuity shifts

After two meetings of riding the twists, turns, rearranging, shuffling, rebooting and retro-streamlining of our favorite companies and characters, we thought it would be a good time for some healing as we discuss the importance and relevance of the ever changing continuity of comics. Head on out to parma at 6:30 for a talk about continuity in comics!


Judge Judy


Back when I was first getting into autographs, Judge Judy was one of my early requests. I got her through email and it’s just one of those crazy things – it feels like ultimate kitch to have an autographed photo of Judge Judy doesn’t it?


Recently I’ve been getting into companion pieces -things like the Bob Barker auto for the Price is Right or the Harvey Levine one for The People’s Court, so off I went with another email. This time I needed Judge Judy’s bailiff….after all officer Byrd is just as much a art of the show as she is isn’t he?


You know, he’s actually  the second bailiff I’ve gotten if you count Richard Moll…..

Ron’s Big Adventure part six


Part six of my favorite movie! Find your purpose in Ron’s Big Adventure!

The Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer

best893487-1I always liked this title but it suffers far too much from comparison to Calvin and Hobbes. This isn’t Calvin and Hobbes, it lacks the satirical wit that was aimed at adults. This is far more kid driven – but it’s GOOD kid driven.

Gus is a little boy with an active imagination who loves comic books and superheros- of course t he big difference is that he lives in the Marvel universe where there actually ARE superheros!

He sometimes lets his imagination get away from him and it begins to intrude on his real life…playing with his sisters jump rope and pretending she’s the lizard…

It was a fine series and was reprinted in tabloid size under the Marvel Adventures banner  to be sold in Targets but never went any further than it’s original four issue run. You may find some of these still floating around. It’s worth it just to see his tirade at J. Jonah Jameson over his Spider-man editorials…..gus2

Lake Effect Comicon 2015


Another weekend has gone by, and another convention in the can.

Lake effect is a long drive, but usually worth it. We enjoy it because It’s a great place for deals and I love the screenings. Panels have really expanded, though it’s actually very much cut into the movie screenings and I kind of miss that. Still, starting the day off with Scott Pilgrim is absolutely a good thing.

11148686_977704705607286_4468493182877343847_nWe jumped headfirst into the costume contest. Maddie was always planning on wearing her new Supergirl outfit and Lydia was planning on breaking out her Mermaid costume from the monster walk a month or so ago, but at the last moment (less than a week before the event) Lydia changed her mind and asked if I could create her a H.E.R.B.I.E. costume. Herbie is a little robot that was in the Fantastic Four cartoons and has since been integrated into the comic canon, frequently appearing in more lighthearted fare. I whipped up a quickie costume out of foam and spray paint, with a few finishing touches – button made out of pill boxes and eyes made out of soda bottles.

I asked the girls what I should wear. It was a choice between Mr. Freeze, Voltron…or Spider-Ham. I was kind of shying away from Freeze – I was expecting to see on of my friends show up in that costume and didn’t want to compete with them. I also would king of like more mobility…then again , Voltron is pretty constraing to. It didn’t matter. Both girls voted Spider-Ham. I haven’t had the costume out in a while and that’s who they wanted to see.

10731153_977703508940739_2873571587990379236_nGood choices on the girls part it turns out. Lydia won the kids costume contest with her Herbie! and to my even greater surprise, Spider-Ham won the Adult contest!

prizesBest in show went to a giant Frankenberry, which really was heads above all the other costumes, but I had fun playing around with him, Spider-Ham looking terrified of him and fighting him off.


11021118_977694738941616_6238077123028522947_nDeals. Seriously, I keep saying this, and I mean it. Quarter bins, 3 for a dollar, fifty cent bins. You’ll always find cheap reading comics here. But it’s other stuff too. maddie found a Wonder Woman/Star Sapphire heroclix from the Blackest Night set and that just about blew her mind. She immediately dropped a bunch of her con allowance on it. Across the room, we found a vintage Frosta from the She-Ra line for $3! Sure it’s been well played with, but that’s exactly what my girls are going to do with it too. They were already playing with it before we got to the car!

11136712_977749112269512_684202137267703766_nFinally, becasue it’s in a movie theatre, there’s also an arcade. The girls love thier games, and we all got into the act a bit. It’s another one of those fun things that make this con uniquely fun.

11393012_977689718942118_2179833819736376022_n 11392879_977693752275048_2990481855816919585_n 11391216_977690188942071_2974991160330020535_n 11377335_977691435608613_360286259047508812_n 11377274_977691672275256_5637366017232569163_n 11350651_977689508942139_680431105860827100_n 11329965_977692072275216_6796947725636602931_n 11209636_977688828942207_5858581405153749043_n 11148364_977690318942058_5563038690360536796_n 11011943_977690798942010_4298069393651857555_n 10494640_977692745608482_8611708721596296455_n 1794631_977689982275425_204723197403112119_n 551505_977692475608509_9201295844940141660_n

Just a great day. It’s the small shows we really love and this is one of the best out there. We’ll be back next year!

18891_977705712273852_3536998262020197854_n 551478_977704402273983_3598556899298936148_n 1560658_10153036303906478_4045326293232927328_n 10352032_977703185607438_7888407721850758540_n 10428547_10153036293351478_3272506150662150717_n 10494640_977699935607763_2407399590608590581_n 10612940_977688595608897_8217243870437936827_n 10641167_977708205606936_2639599534373021498_n 10649787_977707898940300_6459708032863154467_n 10906272_977700902274333_7861439100337610130_n 10957534_977701305607626_1839632987088319016_n 10986562_977702955607461_50456784507102825_n 11001734_977687948942295_2525164714128384010_n 11017118_977699782274445_241158606406978784_n 11025960_977703758940714_8596620534935738269_n 11029899_977686725609084_6582102045237523052_n 11060846_977693115608445_8325852135266112613_n 11063791_977687218942368_2804548885389743145_n 11071048_977702098940880_8545039080354921873_n 11109258_977704192274004_4732951764153456540_n 11112983_10153036250086478_8872954115265145216_n 11124890_977702512274172_4317850651989056935_n 11141352_977705408940549_8802259885856777699_n 11143679_977688112275612_554918900508491765_n 11148696_977701888940901_6058213348710816837_n 11150764_977703915607365_3001111881843201602_n 11204942_977693562275067_8546795376325508289_n 11209488_977695005608256_4830773227948220703_n 11231260_977708518940238_3026627210787351604_n 11233495_977701562274267_6963371745260041204_n 11295546_977707148940375_7503526971164181112_n 11295608_977694168941673_3073735856698876951_n 11295790_977706552273768_5629316986737806150_n 11303716_1618137271759699_361731030_n 11329748_987117114662338_7936069398641471755_n 11329822_977702325607524_6357813413216173653_n 11329843_977706855607071_5228755797144972789_n 11350556_977702718940818_1093729062037380481_n 11377274_977691672275256_5637366017232569163_n 11390015_977706198940470_7769219281644473348_n 11390052_977687448942345_6867436307890839675_n 11390137_977686952275728_2328894608681389981_n 11390349_977695405608216_8338982663426399033_n 11391350_977688345608922_2258735928340593515_n 11391532_977749108936179_1801521447029228590_n 11393052_977687662275657_2335361554225260793_n11054316_470269426465577_4005874271804133273_n 11232069_470269399798913_2314670323236980319_n 11295721_470269346465585_3587154264993566308_n 11027771_470269316465588_2482618276304136040_n11392796_470269306465589_2274957324685800436_n