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Archive for August 11, 2015

Happy Days!


You know, I watch Pawn Stars every week and always see that autograpoh of the Fonz in the background. One week they mentioned it was fake – the old man just masde it up to make Rick happy.

I find that so strange considering Henry Winkler signs through the mail. I’ve been seeing successes from him on the fan mail forums for years.

Well I thought it was finally time to get one myself!

fonz1 fonz2

He was also kind enough to not only sign my photo, but send me a nicer one!  But things don’t stop there…I know someone else who signs through the mail!

ross1 ross2

This was cool because I wasn’t sure wether to send a picture from the Happy Days era or a current one. I settled on a Happy Days picture and she included a newer one!

hanks so much to both Marion Ross and Henry Winkler!