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Cinema Wasteland Fall 2015



You know, I completely missed the window to talk about Horrorhound this year. I went, it was okay, but 12107005_1049379291773160_739315290361627051_ndidn’t make enough of an impression on me to really work at getting that post out. I might still do it after Con season’s over…there’s some great pics.

But that’s the big differance between HorrorHound and Wasteland. HH is a show. A con. Wasteland is family.

I spent more of my weekend hanging out with friends than anything else. It’s exactly the kind of party I want to be a part of – hanging out, watching movies, talking to the people who made them. TCM 3 is a strange choice for a reunion, but I can’t knock it, this was a great time.

Huge fun meeting William Butler. He comes off as a wet blanket in the film, but in person he’s bubbly, happy and funny. We chatted about his time on Dusk Till Dawn (he was in charge of vampire goo….) and his co star in TCM. He dominated the TCM panel and for me was the most fun to hear from. I was11220129_1049380481773041_2277332909668885398_n also thrilled to get to meet another Leatherface – R.A. Mihailoff is admittedly a veteran of the convention circuit, but he shows genuine affection for his fans. Just don’t ask him what “R.A.” stands for. “There’s women out there that I’ve been intimate with that still don’t know, so I guarantee YOU’RE not finding out!” he replies with a devilish grin. Also, the only way to get him to do karaoke is to play “Ring of Fire”. It’s probably just as well if you don’t ask me how I know this.

12140645_1049379335106489_8591969515067224883_n12088577_1049380405106382_1548504650936022128_nThis weekend also served as part two of the Day of the Dead reunion. The spring reunion was massive and the place was packed for it, but there were still a few guests that they couldn’t get. Bringing in DP Michal Gornick along with some of the feature zombies we got to visit that film just a bit more, though really, for both Gornick and Mike Trcic they’ve got such huge bodies of work that it the panel really ended up focused on all those other films. Fascinating to listen to Trcic talk about the differences in working for Spielberg as a opposed to Cameron. He has a great story about controlling the eyes on the T-Rex in Jurassic Park. “The best place is to stand behind the director, that way you get a clear view of the monitor and the camera and can figure out where everything is supposed to be pointing. Well, I got there one day and this guy is standing there and I told him ‘Excuse me, I have to be here’. He turned to me and it was STEVE MARTIN! I was mortified, and then he asked me ‘ Who are you?’ I repled that I was the spleen (of the movie). “. He also described how Cameron would yell and insult people if they wern’t doing a job exactly the way he wanted them to ( except Arnold. He could never get away with that on Arnold). At one point, someone on set started keeping a list, then had all those insults printed on t-shirts and handed out to the people that had been verbally abused.

12107268_1049380351773054_2627564126493787639_nOne of my favorite moments of the weekend though, was heading over to Gunga Jim’s for his film…except the presentation hadn’t burned correctly so he passed out fortune cookies and had the 12143129_1049380238439732_2778073868908637528_naudience vote on what movie to watch. “Legend of the Blood Monster” is possibly the most MST3K ready film I’ve ever seen, and Gunga’s quips were perfect in it.

Let’s face it, movie screenings are a huge part of why I love Wasteland. I got to see Damnation Alley – a film I’ve NEVER experienced before by my favorite author. Then there was “I Married a Monster From Outer Space.” Can someone explain to me how “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” is a classic and this isn’t? It’s almost the same premise but with better effects and just as much atmosphere. Perhaps it’s the name, I’ll admit that’s just terrible. But what a great film.  Then there’s “Blood Sucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh”. A remarkably fun piece of trash, and most definately something I’d never have thought to seek out on my own. Then there’s TCM 3. I own a copy of this, but nevertheless, I haven’t watched it in ages…I’d completely forgotten Viggo Mortensen was in this. In fact, it’s been long enough…perhaps I never actually knew. I may not have screened this since before LOTR. Hmmmm.


 I brought home a great haul from Wasteland this year. TONS of movies (including that infinifilm version of Elm Street I’ve been putting off buying. Of all the releases I think this is the absolute best). I won free popcorn for 12 Hours of Terror in two weeks (as well as getting a copy of the poster, signed by the artist), crossbows for the girls (the arrows have rubber tips) Zacherly books, not to mention the newest copy of Divine Exploitation from Baron Morbid! Enough of this. I’ve rambled on long enough. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I have a ton of them!
10686792_1049379535106469_6503469311952857576_n 10915149_1049380185106404_1891598096355502725_n 11218059_1049379401773149_7875437384904490814_n 11220057_513710355459768_8537244426360122230_n 12039514_1049379485106474_7415873144181921735_n 12043080_1049379238439832_3464474657591218919_n 12047125_1049379205106502_3871606427723594180_n 12049417_1049379495106473_5739513399862138200_n 12063308_1049379591773130_8565289708518534275_n 12065702_1049380175106405_2036105424186063801_n 12066062_1049379348439821_1819373962118871916_n 12074628_1049379435106479_5945253129245382929_n 12074727_1049379101773179_4723158870327291225_n 12074855_1049379128439843_5363486999739921794_n 12079052_10204870438269984_2560397379216337575_n 12079562_10205074672015743_4185968341239771429_n 12096365_10206433391927894_8178631116801982739_n 12096388_513709988793138_825504802260056207_n 12096416_1049379971773092_8031228441358627914_n 12105686_1049379121773177_7097785954983544040_n 12105893_1049380085106414_198360719046556925_n 12106757_1049379155106507_901230009064706382_n 12107769_1049379651773124_3996593747496178994_n 12108049_1049379975106425_4652011714208136854_n 12108194_10200890748948359_5778089066746493972_n 12108199_513709785459825_2944789296198460357_n 12108265_1049379655106457_5626941822938909332_n 12108874_1049380211773068_1085135297737947590_n 12108928_1049380191773070_724857758715290739_n 12109193_513710185459785_6489601280417654066_n 12109202_1049379638439792_5485359732355977821_n 12109226_1049380378439718_4783946912805179604_n 12109253_1049379658439790_2571796663645562152_n 12109278_1049379188439837_9127346860618124052_n 12112119_1049379298439826_6552423873613653815_n 12112146_1049379541773135_4887127775481167800_n 12112268_10204870439230008_3122368802817241588_n 12112501_1049379385106484_242563141260211255_n 12115760_1049380035106419_7804452599275084199_n 12115761_1049380045106418_9016679861482017248_n 12115973_513710252126445_5958505345231460218_n 12118779_513710158793121_8279221973573848591_n 12118840_1049379095106513_7952702065403210433_n 12122453_10200889680281643_4245317444684373534_n 12122480_1049380251773064_6802898318060903446_n 12122517_1049379458439810_8865972575546931146_n 12122693_847013890643_7933246069214252258_n 12122866_1104477822904498_3519872638296271682_n 12140792_1049379998439756_4418099514393650603_n 12141537_1049380095106413_6602978073703971192_n 12141722_1049379161773173_4027039932521038932_n 12141722_1049379578439798_401076846904502754_n 12141769_1049380285106394_2095555029209992117_n 12143104_1049380005106422_8979747748549851595_n 12143195_1049379708439785_4643108043215637613_n 12143202_1049380141773075_6936698177750093878_n 12143231_1049380385106384_2066781615748285333_n