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Archive for October 26, 2015

Cleveland Comic Con 2015

Conman10420141_383744698469602_5721001722566553146_n10552475_1058586750852414_6529787832219200926_nI’ve never heard anything good about Cleveland Comic Con. It seems to have been plagued with problems and it’s at a time of year that I’m far to busy to even thing about adding another con.

However, I’ve been running into the promoter at events all year and he’s been constantly inviting me to come check it out. Finally, my attitude had been one of wait and see. If I was available I might go. It turns out that the day of the con, I was free in the morning and mid afternoon, but would have to leave before the costume contest. I was still on the fence,  thinking it might be best to relax during the day seeing as I was going to be working as a makeup artist for a zombie themed event with the Boy Scouts that night, but it seemed like tons of my friends were going and they finally convinced me to head out to the Berea Fairgrounds.

I think Cleveland Comic Con has it’s heart in the right place, but they think bigger than what their show actually is. The con takes up two small buildings at the fairgrounds (while the local haunted house takes up several more behind it) dividing the show between the artist’s alley/event room and the dealer’s room/cosplay stage. I was genuinely surprised at how small that dealers room was. If you’re coming out to shop, you’re going to be a bit dissapointed. I think Lake Effect has a similar number of vendors, possibly a few more in a far more enclosed space. I certainly was able to find better deals at Lake effect anyhow. No quarter bins, not even true fifty cent bins- one table advertising half off the dollar bins (and I missed them the first three times I went around).

But if you’re not here for shopping, then what else is there? The promoter here is a regular at Cinema Wasteland and obviously knows the importance of programming. There’s at least two if not three things going on at all times. There’s some good panels here too, see for yourself;

events12108829_1058588037518952_2064568384535353086_nThe problem is that this is all happening in one building (all but the cosplay). It’s an open space that they have separated with dividers and curtains. This does nothing to hinder sound. While I was attending Knightmage’s panel I couldn’t hear half of the time because of the muddled sounds coming from the other event areas in the building. This is a serious problem for a con that want’s to showcase it’s programming.

The kids costume contest was well run and fun, though I was surprised that there weren’t more children there. Cleveland Comic Con is a BIG cosplay event, boasting far more than the average cosplayer attendance (I notice Frankenberry put in a last minuet appearance with his dragon rider). Considering the wider spaces there (even in the smaller buildings) it’s a good place for it. Walking around in my Mr. Freeze costume, I never once felt crowded or like I was about to bump into someone.


With all the adults surrounding us in costume it seemed a little strange to me that there weren’t more kids. On the other hand, we saw more than a few running around and I noticed Baconpool running to take photos with every little Deadpool he saw, declaring “I can’t afford any more child support!”

deadpools copyIn the end, I found this to be a fairly average con. It’s not the nightmare it’s been reported to be in the past, but still experiencing some growing pains and bumps in the road. At three years, the logistical problems should have been ironed out by now and I think a show this size would still be better served in a hotel rather than the fairgrounds. Wait to grow a bit guys.

Not sure if I’ll be back next year or not. I’m trying to reduce my number of convention appearances and this one might not make the cut – then again, if I do some crazy big costume, this just might be the ideal venue to premier it. We’ll see.

1385781_1058586984185724_2429437883851271729_n 1896918_1058586920852397_2446106973113484602_n 10003931_1058587747518981_8351292275625097643_n 10174829_493134440847394_1005574340366668743_n 10294408_1058586950852394_7110966836441416908_nYou just know this isn’t going to end well. 10295683_1058586837519072_7792914979598280244_n I love the gender bent Cap and Winter soldier. Cap especially really knows how to work that costume – this was a great idea.10302374_493134117514093_5821488552264986488_n 10593027_1058586707519085_5053610740328444994_n10406577_1058588187518937_424590362169689272_n 10422971_10154259382410744_4591890701809263607_n A marvelous Wonder Woman costume and one of our cosplay judges.12187874_493134400847398_218563065247717517_n10592759_1058588310852258_8419264689062073418_nThe shield in particular fascinated me. I’ve never played with worbola myself, but I like the muted colors and really need to do a black wash like this on some of my armors.10014703_1058588164185606_2220254562514224316_n10423303_1058587984185624_2965002803761233039_n 10552400_1098618506818109_3286292424577302073_nSupernatural fans, take note. THIS is how you gender bend a Winchester.10369175_10206517547836263_3118026904832649408_n 12036696_1069905646375306_4935780491797038709_nYou know Supergirl is vulnerable to magic right?12108169_1069905709708633_31355554796359135_n10665144_1058587364185686_7688914253605338904_n 10665144_1058587544185668_7688320078297993462_n The goggles start to get a little sore sometimes. I think it may actually look better with them pushed up like this…10850132_10206517547636258_6608731404183255405_n Someone had to explain this was a creature from Five Nights at Freddy’s. I think I saw one at Tricon too, but didn’t realize what it was.10986485_1058588234185599_3764815873803337044_n 10996350_10207827149907845_2787630690630517643_n 11015102_10154524113670190_1887115401009551109_n 11218799_1068400243200691_7438729670615424553_n 11987096_1058587054185717_1791840553365492040_n 11988375_1058587960852293_6509627451039261984_n 12019993_1058587347519021_5156094536787041332_nI’m honestly wondering if this is the same Q that I used to see at Star Trek cons back in the 90’s…. 12033228_493134110847427_2618197011355799153_n 12033231_493134507514054_3458789893706012771_n 12036619_10207827146827768_4430197520415737887_n 12036668_1058588010852288_8898458525368517916_n 12036944_1058587520852337_3283389981883832521_n 12038141_1058587200852369_1562048718527968386_n 12038156_1058586690852420_5828003890311753296_nReally is one of my favorite Doctors. maybe I should have taken the helmet off for this picture? 12038273_1058586784185744_5522343574315495228_n 12039263_1058587460852343_7538563013193660276_n 12039507_1058587947518961_4756808931890281413_n 12039612_1058587027519053_3496851843352349395_n 12039633_1058587137519042_8945647971926816518_n 12039642_1058588107518945_3373466822203950535_n 12039707_493134470847391_7349817282992065217_n 12046860_493134410847397_3897899843653304477_n 12047060_10207827146147751_6486896039926342696_n 12049177_1058587707518985_7868384046581644266_n 12049292_1058587237519032_1122308793194501374_n I was really stoked to see this Gambit. For some reason,  this character can really work with a gender bend. I love the take on the top, the patterns in the blue and the quilted look of the pink.12049292_1058587657518990_8904543265819329287_n12122762_493134484180723_4442848415606252352_n 12049311_1058587284185694_3697192047822358120_n 12049515_1058587220852367_8299318552144277558_n 12049536_1058587587518997_1484994821491241467_n 12063375_493134387514066_3003079654339903919_n 12063861_493134054180766_6047074659716463005_n 12065915_1058587774185645_8039453935932611333_nThe shiny Americian Dream costume really stood out no matter where this group went. 12072616_1058586770852412_2318353838743635083_nThe look on Robin’s face just SCREAMS “I am in SO much trouble.”. 12079534_1058588134185609_2922550886764310065_n 12105994_1058587400852349_3278882111057486689_n 12109241_1058587617518994_1827721003189046160_n 12112053_10154523274840190_7281351879828395874_n 12112235_1058945037483252_6335337030677140138_n 12118799_1058587427519013_584980106746650470_nCondensation. Cool day, but I kept getting a little warm…. 12118875_1058588334185589_5244102700512816803_n 12122755_1058587330852356_3085747468859901246_n 12140629_1058587110852378_6756869949919910165_n 12143168_493134420847396_4900878814380661143_n 12143169_1058587007519055_3514985131209194546_n 12187940_1058587080852381_5919397267929886767_n 12189809_10207827148987822_4440585787989106396_n 12190895_493134457514059_6542602822658229439_n 12191528_493134067514098_8710210790246822887_n 12191571_493134090847429_4336895398662121626_n Chill…. pkin