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Archive for November 2, 2015

Help Maddie win the contest!


So we went out trick or treating this year at our usual haunts. We started off at Carol and John’s comic book shop for Halloween Comic Fest (You can read some more about that over at the Kreepy Kastle!). Everyone loved Maddie’s costume. She’s pulling out her Star Sapphire suit for one last go around…it’s getting too small on her now, but she’s been wanting to do a Lantern theme for a while now, so I did myself up as Sinestro and went with her. The people at Carol and John’s really dug the synchronicity between the costumes and Maddie got some titles she really wanted like Marvel Zombies and Scooby-Doo Teamup with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Then we hit Jamie’s Flea Market. Now, to be fair, the people in the Groovy little toy store part of the Flea market knew who we were. In fact, the guy running the CCG counter is a BIG Sinestro fan. But the rest of the flea market….they didn’t get it. Maddie was getting pissed because people kept calling her a princess – worse, they though I was the devil. I love that she just assumes everyone will know 12187913_1061581480552941_718386065925620084_nwho Sinestro and Star Sapphire are.

In any event, Maddie got her photo taken at the Flea Market which enters her in thier costume contest! So here’s the thing. I need to ask for a favor. Please, head up to Maddie’s picture on facebook and hit “like”. The most likes wins the contest – lets show Jamie’s Flea Market just who Star Sapphire is! You have until Friday, but please don’t wait! The link to vote is here :

Maddie thanks you all for your help!