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Pop Meeting 112 Comic Book creators

popUntitled-1 copy

Think of it as Mt. Rushmore. If there were a monument of the great comic book creators, whose faces would be on it? Gerry Conway? Denny O’Neil? Allen Bellman? (Mike Barr, definately)

Join us tonight at the Parma Heights Library at 6:30!



Closed for Christmas



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This Years Cover

commissionsI’m not a huge Star Wars fan. That’s what made it difficult this year. The theme was something Star Wars – anything. It didn’t have to be Cleveland or Christmas, but definitely Star Wars. Part of me wishes I had gone with my initial idea – The Doctor (probably ten) fixing an X-Wing. there would have been more detail but it would have stood out better. Instead, I went with A Christmas Story. So did everyone else.


I still think I had an interesting take, and here’s the process behind it!

First pencils are done separately. This is completely a test run- to figure out placement and size. A lot of things ended up being a LOT smaller than I had intended.


You’ll notice that Artoo doesn’t even appear yet. He was added later….once I saw how much empty space was between Shimi and Qui-Gon. I could have filled that up with a cityscape, but Artoo seemed like a better idea. The dialogue in Anakins thought balloon is diffrent to. I really struggled with that. I wanted something true to both A Christmas Story and to Anakin’s character. Revenge is cute..maybe even funny. Maybe a little disturbing. It didn’t fit. I tried a few diffrent phrases, and none did it for me. I then decided to list all the memorable qoutes from the movie. A Christmas Story has a LOT of them. Oh Fudge came up and was as perfect as I could get.

12360210_1079288528782236_5606749236471654893_nBy the way, Artoo? I’m never drawing that sucker again. I had no idea how complicated he was. That design seems so simple – it’s a lie! He’s fiendishly hard to get right…and if you get something wrong BELIEVE me you’re going to hear about it.


So now that we have a plan, I move on to actually drawing it on the cover. If there are any changes (like adding the droid) now is the time. I really wish I could have figured out a good place I could sneak in the leg lamp. Even at this late date I was trying – maybe in the adobe building? Nope. No room. (That’s really what that initial drawing is for – to figure that stuff out).

Also now that we’ve settled on “Oh Fudge” as Anakin’s thought, it changes his demeanor. He’s frustrated and upset, but not necessarily angry. The clenched fists go from active to passive.


Inks are next. I hate inking. I’m terrible at it and I don’t have the proper equipment for it. When I do something for Kreepy Kastle, or Angel Lite comics, or Lazer Comics or Violent Blue, I ink digitally. Not an option here. It has to be done on the cover and that means good old fashioned inking – and only one shot at it.


You’ll noticed that there’s parts I left uninked. There’s some pencils still showing through, ones I hoped would fade away once I dove into the coloring process. Last year I used colored pencils. It worked reasonably well, but still left a bit of a rough “crayon” look to the pieces. A couple of watercolor covers caught my eye and put that in mind for this time around. I stuck with the pencils for a few highlights- the blue on Artoo for instance; it required a precision Watercolor paint doesn’t afford. It was an adventure to mix some of these colors, trying to get the right tone for shadows and folds. The twin suns are my favorite part. To achieve it with negative space…the areas I DIDN’T paint, that was really rewarding to see succeed. I was hoping that the water wouldn’t warp the paper too much. It did a bit, but no enough to ruin anything.

12311315_1079642625413493_4214082644950401269_nI can’t complain too much about how it turned out. The spelling on Anakin’s name is a mistake – google misled me. I should have tried Wookiepedia. Still I really like the idea of Anakin going all Sith on us because of that horrible pink bunny suit, and the amount of research this took to get the images right was genuinly surprising. Shimi had parts to her outfit I didn’t remember. Artoo has ports in places I never thought about.


A big thanks to Carol and John’s for including me in the art show and an even bigger thanks to the person who bought my art. That money will go to the Cleveland food bank and help someone in need this winter.

Merry Christmas to all.


Christmas Force

IMG_9392Yes  I saw it. Saturday afternoon I headed out to Amherst cinemas and plunked down my $4.00 for the newest Star Wars movie (We’ll talk about that later). It seemed like something I should do sooner rather than later since spoilers were already starting to leak out and I was headed out to a Star Wars themed party at Carol and John’s later that night.


I had done a piece for thier art show that would be raffled off as the night went on. The Christmas party was great fun as always, with snacks and deals and friends. They brew a craft beer every year just to hand out at this event (I don’t even drink beer. I just want the bottle!)

IMG_9407 The Star Wars Gingerbread was just to DIE for. IMG_9400

195 194

And of course they showed us that the one thing that can make a Christmas party better is Lightsabers.

IMG_9423 IMG_9408 IMG_9416 IMG_9410 IMG_9411 IMG_9421 IMG_9417 IMG_9418 IMG_9419 IMG_9406 IMG_9403 IMG_9404 IMG_9405 IMG_9402

Hope your weekend was just as eventful.



essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


Phantom of the Opera 1925

Movie banner12345388_1083527951691627_6709919314020208049_nSo I went out to the 90th anniversary of the Cedar Lee theatre last night to see their screening of the original 1925 version of Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney sr.

It was….

Well, actually head on over to the Kreepy Kastle and you can find my full write up over there!




essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


Pop Meeting 111 Star Wars


With the new movie right around the corner, it seems like a perfect time to discuss Star Wars!

Join us tonight at the Parma Heights Library at 6:30!

Hey, does anyone else remember the time Mazinger Z fought off those two Jedi or did I just imagine that?



essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday