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Pulp Fiction! Tomorrow night at the Palace!

palace banner

5234_10153325462857218_2341443680578757472_nThis Friday come on down to The Palace as they open thier doors and The Chandelier Bar in the theater at 6PM to the raucous blues of ” The Skip Werke Band” – the house band for “Pulp Fiction”, thier first movie in thier inaugural “Director’s Series” featuring the films 21516_10153325466687218_2903273817706922549_nof Quentin Tarantino! The band will be way grooving the house out on the Box Seat Stage for about an hour prior to “Pulp Fiction” playing at 7PM! So stop on in early and stay late for this very cool evening of entertainment at the Palace! $5 entry gets you the blues, “Pulp Fiction, and the chance to buy a few beers or cocktails and a SMASH: The World’s Greatest Food Truck’s “They don’t call it a Quarter Pounder with Cheese? Nah, man , they’ve got the metric system.. Le Royale with Cheese Burger!” Get ’em while you can! Come enjoy the best night out in Lorain County!

Seriously, I’ll be hitting the Palace just about every weekend this month as they a present a diffrent Tarantino film each week. The opening acts in the beautiful theater give it a slightly vaudevillian feel and at five bucks, it’s definitely the best entertainment value out there. I’ll be out around 6:30 tomorrow night. Hope I see you there!


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