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Archive for January 27, 2016

tvsuicide-squad-2016-task-forceTV is starting up again, it’s slow – we are still waiting for iZombie and Supergirl, but it’s starting definitely​. Last week’s Promo for Legends of Tomorrow left me a little cold, but I really loved the showcase of the new DC cinematic universe. It got the girls excited to – they had no interest in Wonder Woman and were on the fence about Suicide Squad until they saw this.  It really does make me excited for what’s coming up on the films, but I’ve said it before, where DC is really killing it is on TV. They’re creating a brilliant shared universe there, and one that I’m far more interested in then there cinematic one.

The FlashFor me of course, the linchpin here is the Flash.

Mind you, I’m fully aware that Arrow came first – but I don’t really watch Arrow as much as I probably should – it’s hard for me to get in to. The Flash is a far more accessible show, better rounded and more engaging for me.

The Wally West story has been genuinely interesting. I like when its going, although I’m having a hard time with Wally been kind of – unlikeable. I’m sure that will change, but I miss the funny more lighthearted Wally that became my favourite flash in the comics. Still, the return of Reverse Flash and everything that is happening since the show has returned to TV for the rest of the season has really worked, dead on.

That brings us to Legends of Tomorrow. I missed the premier, but thankfully they legendsrebroadcast it last night after the Flash and I stuck around to watch it eagerly.

I’ve heard nothing bad about Legends, a lot of my friends are really into it, and completely on-board. I’m not so sure I am. It wasn’t bad mind you – it wasn’t bad at all. It was a very smart thing they did, setting this up over the course of a year across two different television series – when we finally got all the characters assembled it felt like visiting with old friends. This really is DC television’s version of the Avengers. The problem is, it wasn’t spectacular. The Avengers was mind blowing, this was merely okay. It was fun to watch these characters, but really I feel like I’m watching it because it’s got the DC logo in the top corner – and not because of its own merits. I’m not sure that I would be into this as much if it were a DC show, and that bothers me – it also makes me wonder if I’m going to be able to stay with it. A television show has to be pretty spectacular for me to remember to sit down in front of the TV and a certain time every week – I managed to hold on with both Arrow and Agents of SHIELD for about two or three weeks, until I started forgetting when it was on and fell behind and never caught up again. The Flash captured my imagination from the very first time I watched it – admittedly that was six months after the original premiere, but nevertheless I was on board immediately and haven’t missed an episodesense. Legends needs to improve dramatically for it to inspire that100_3362 kind of loyalty from me, and I think it might – the ending left me wanting more, and anticipating the next episode that this may be a DVR.

There’s some really good stuff here though. I love the costumes- Firestorm has one of the best versions of that costume I’ve seen, and I was actually a big fan of the way the series relaunched in 2006, and that seems to be a lot of what they are pulling from. I’ve always been a fan of what Gerry Conway created in Firestorm. One of my earliest comics was a Firestorm that guest-starred the JLA, Firestormand it’s been a real treat to see this in live action. There were times that I found the Ronny version a little lacking, but even still, I was loving it. This current incarnation though, it’s just perfect. The interaction between Professor Stein and Jefferson just works. These two have real chemistry with each other and really capitalizes on the dynamic of the age difference, something that was missing from the slightly overaged Ronny Raymond version (He was much younger in the comics).

Can we also talk about the Atom? I personally liked Brandon Routh as Superman, but for all the haters out there, you HAVE to admit he’s way more than redeemed NEyfD7W17jZeBC_2_bhimself and is absolutely KILLING it as the Atom. I love this suit too. I know it took a lot of flack at first for being a poor man’s Iron man, but really, once you see this overeager puppy dog personality that Routh is giving out, it’s obvious, this is as far from Iron Man as anyone could get. Seriously,  I think I may have to build a copy of this suit for myself.

I’ll definitely be back for more of this, and I want to see what happens with it.

In other news, no new Doctor Who until Christmas 2016. Looks like the TV category on the blog is going to get a lot thinner…