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Akron Zombie Walk spring 2016

eventsMan, I was actually bummed that I missed the Lakewood Zombie walk, so the girls and I were determined to get to Akron and hang with the undead. I broke out my Zombie Batman and Maddie has been itching to creep around as a monster Cupcake. Lydia decided on a Zombie Gymnast…which sadly ended up being a poor choice on the cold and wet day (We shoudn’t be getting hail in MAY!).

Maddie asked where the money we pay goes and  I explained to her a little more about the  food bank, and she decided she wanted to donate on her own, pulling a couple of quarters from her piggy bank!

We were running behind, but we got in just as the walk started and managed to join in the tail of the line and made our way up and down the horde as we walked around the block. It went too quickly, with random zombie attacks and the zombie hunters ganging up on undead Batman! It was the first time the girls really noticed what Maddie called “Role playing”, with the monsters antagonizing and being beaten back by the survivors.

When we arrived back, the venue, Annabelle’s, had a buffet ready to feed us all dinner! It was a nice creepy atmosphere in the basement, and a great time to catch up with friends  I haven’t seen since Wasteland. Can’t wait until the next one!






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