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When I wrote on that Gambit piece that I should think about tdoing Rogue, I meant it. I was actually done with this catagory of post for the year, all scheduled and written up, but couldn’t get that one out of my head so here’s one more.

It’s got to be the 90’s costume, though there was a brief period in the 2000’s where they had just restored the costumes after the Morrison run, slightly updated and with higher detail – more buckles and quilting. I like that and try to incorporate it in here, along with losing the head band. That’s rough because it drastically changes her hair style, but for the better I think. I don’t like it just straight, but too curly looks dated, we’re somewhere in the middle of that.

The other thing about Rogue is she kind of…busty. More so than any of the X-Men, she’s always been drawn top heavy, and we’ve represented that here as well.

rogue color rogue inks rogue pencils

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