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Lake effect comic con this Sunday!

lake effectHeading to Lake Effect Comiccon at its new home in the Holiday Inn at 7701 Reynolds Rd Mentor, Ohio 44060!

Lake Effect is the first convention I ever took my children to and has been one of our favourites. In the past, this has been a free convention and that means the dealers brought all of their overflow and overstock – and you could frequently find great deals and liquidation stuff at this show. The move from there space at the theatre to the new space at the hotel has necessitated an admission charge, and I’m interested in seeing how that affects the dynamic of the show. I’m hoping the deals that I’ve come to expect from like the fact are still going to be there – it was time though, this convention had outgrown the cramped spaces of the theatre lobby a year or two ago.

I’ve done some upgrades to Mr freeze, and I’m breaking this suit out for Sunday – we’ve upgraded Maddys star Sapphire as well. She had outgrown that old leotard, so we’ve made some changes – it will also be the premiere of her new iron Sapphire armour! We are so excited. Will be rolling in after church, probably around 130 although the con begins much earlier – we’re going to miss about half of the hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy film that they are screening but should be around for shopping, costume contests, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Hope to see you there!


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