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forgotten banner220px-Tapeheads_(movie_poster)Tape heads really should be good. But it’s easy to see how this is a forgotten film. Still, This is John Cusack and Tim Robbins! How on earth is this bad? It’s awfuly dated though, about two kids trying to break into the music video business with what appears to be an old Sony camcorder. Here’s what IMDB has to say about it :

After being fired from their jobs as security guards, Josh and Ivan form Video Aces, a video production company. Using Josh’s talent and Ivan’s business savvy, they attempt to hit it big in the business while doing projects they want to do. Among those whose paths cross with theirs are Norman Mart, an extremely right-wing presidential candidate; Samantha Gregory, a scheming music reporter; and Mo Fuzz, a producer willing to give them a chance or three if they’ll work on spec.

The film gradually gets better and better as things go on but really it’s all in all painfully slow. Cusak’s character doesn’t really give us more to root for really and that’s a pity because he’s the one we should be on board with. Tim Robbins is so painfully bland in this role you wonder “how are you still getting jobs in Hollywood?”

This is a fun film for curiosity’s sake to see these actors in early obscure roles, but that’s it. This one is a pass.


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