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Archive for August 10, 2016


Conman13900360_1236902909687463_3652102892324898472_nIt’s been a week and I still haven’t talked about Monsterfestmania!

I’ve spoken at length about Akron Comicon here, and how much I love that show so you can imagine when they announced they were doing a horror show with a heavy Monster Bash theme that I was thrilled.

It was a good first year effort. Bringing in Wednesday Addams and Cousin It were good choices as guest go. There’s more space to stretch out here than there is at bash or at Cinema Wasteland, with tons of interesting stuff to see and genuinely good panels to attend. I like the heavy horror host influence here and I’d love to see this become the mecca for Horror Hosts that 13934944_1316042531756348_8801405844742764575_nHorrorhound seems to be.

For me the highlight was doing a screening of House on Haunted Hill, complete with Emergo effects, just like William Castle did. I’ve always wanted to do this and I was invited to participate in creating the interactive spooks that would fly out during the show. we went the extra mile, not only doing the skeleton but also the old woman and the hanging lady. Five emergo effects in total, and the audience got life insurance policies from the Cowards Corner. It was magical.

It was a lightly attended affair. A respectable crowd for a first year, but with the RNC just having left Cleveland (the show actually was moved back a week to accommodate this) and Wizard World Columbus going on the same weekend I can see how the crowds might not have been as big as we had hoped. I’m really interested in seeing what happens next year, with all the kinks and scheduling worked out.

Turns out Maddie and Lydia had a little something to say about it too!