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Horrorhound Indy 2016

Conman14332930_1274852702559150_1776133798259715996_nI’ll admit, as far as Horrorhound goes, I prefer the Indianapolis show to the Cincinnati one. It’s still a hotel show…though for how much longer I’m not sure. When I arrived around 10:30, the vacant lot that I usually park in (because there’s NO parking at the hotel unless you’re staying there and buy a parking pass! Tough luck bucko!) was already full. I squeezed my little Superman Honda into a corner of grass and called myself lucky.

Inside, the place was packed. My buddy Mr. Maniacal informed me it had been just as crowded Friday as well. It made it a little more difficult to get around and I’m glad I didn’t wear a costume to encumber me further (although the costumes there WERE on display were spectacular – it’s one thing that Horrorhound Indy really does well, encouraging amazing cosplay to  come out and do the show, particularly with the costume contest that closes the Saturday daytime activities). It’s odd- the guest list was spectacular from an average Joe’s perspective : Tony Todd, a Halloween 6 reunion (why are we doing a reunion 14292241_1274955742548846_8837495440335228415_non the weakest one anyhow?) a Child’s Play and Fright Night reunion (again, I’ve seen all these people before and when Tom Holland dropped out, I really lost interest)…small groups of these cast – all of them con regulars.

I was there for the ones who Weren’t con regulars. I was there for Dean Cameron and Gary Riely from Summer School! I’ve been wanting to meet them FOREVER – especially Dean!I loved him in Summer School, but also in Alf and even in Mad about You. I keep spotting him in things and he’s always great. This pair of guys 14238122_1274955685882185_8243292882651243491_ninspired me to get into makeups and costumes. They were hugely influential to me, and I was so excited to meet them. This was a WAY bigger deal for me than some of the bigger name guests _ I could care less about Jamie Kennedy and David Arquette….but these guys?? yeah, I’m totally on board running a five hour drive just to see them!  My other big deal was FINALLY getting to meet Andrew Divoff – the Wishmaster. I had all but given up hope on ever greeting this guy in person, and I never 14344237_1274955819215505_719260441900500497_nwas able to find an address to write to him. He completed my Wishmaster poster and was friendly and effervescent as ever. Tammy Lauren, the Ingenue in the film was an unexpected bonus. She was friendly and seemed to really be enjoying her very first convention experience. We chatted about how Robert Englund is such a funny raconteur and will just chat your ear off, and spoke a little about her role. She was a real pleasure to meet.

It was a strange trip for me – I didn’t make any of the panels this time around, and I really wanted to hear that Fright Night one, but I kept getting distracted by the screenings. We got an advance screening of the new Exorcist TV show that’s coming to FOX – there’ll be more on that tomorrow – as well as screenings of Fright Night (hosted by Fritz the Night Owl) 14238104_1274955615882192_8244470087904569047_nand Yoga Hosiers. So much fun. I was also able to catch up with a bunch of friends – Maxim, Jeff, Jennifer, Chris, even Space Pirate! Also, every three steps, someone had to stop me and ask about the Mac Sabbath shirt. The Exorcist sneak peak made for great small talk while waiting in lines. It all made for a great show, and I had way more fun that I had any right to at a big con like this.

Still, I fully expect to skip this one next year. It’s grown way to big for my tastes and the inflation is hitting hard. Horrorhound is the show everyone raises thier prices at (thought God bless Robert Kurtzman and Andrew Divoff for holding fast at $10 a signature if you bring your own item. These guys were the best deal in the joint), and a lot of those guys charging $40 for a personalized (and therefore worthless on the secondhand market) autograph really aren’t worth that level of scratch. I get that for some people, if you don’t charge higher prices, your line never ends. But Tony Todd’s line vanished after noon, and Ted Raimi never had one. The bubble is about to burst guys, your managers are the ones holding the pin. (ironically, while they prepared for a huge line at Todd’s table they didn’t think to do the same at Divoff’s where there was a steady stream of fans packed into a tiny corner. Cons always seemed to underestimate the turn out for Angus Scrimm as well) But that’s a rant for another day…..Check out the Video recap below, along with the photo gallery under it!


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  1. Great stuff – Thanks!

    September 12, 2016 at 1:59 PM

    • Glad you dug it. I know a lot of people can’t make it to these shows so we try to review them enough that you can get a feel for them.

      September 12, 2016 at 3:00 PM

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