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This was an illustration of you family and something they like. I love that our cat Carmel is in this one too, and the event is family nights where we pop popcorn and watch special movies!



ZipCon 2017

Conman16298695_10155029208382558_5432420521293596460_nStraight off the bat, I’ve got to tell you… I love zip con. It really has taken the place of shinboku con for me as the convention for me to get my anime fix…  they do such a great job at the University of Akron, managing to take what is a fairly massive show, and maintains the relatively intimate feeling that you get from smaller shows like cinema wasteland or NEO comicon. I had the great pleasure of being a part of this convention this year – I spoke in two different panels – one on cosplaying for charity and another on cosplaying on a budget (that being the panel that Bat-Mite crashed and also took part in….) I had already prepared remarks in advance and each went very smoothly. It was interesting to talk about sourcing materials at thrift stores or rescuing interesting looking16299131_1424924954218590_6525552726903486676_n wires and sticks from the trash, then combining them into something amazing you could wear out to visit the sick, the shut-ins, the forgotten.

It was a great deal colder this year than when we went last year… This really cast a bit of a cloud for Maddie, my little Jigglypuff. Still, she managed to find her very favourite Pokémon in the dealers room and perked right up. The dealers room hasn’t grown, although I did see some different faces there this year – I don’t know, I Kinda wish they’d open up the wall between the dealers room in the masquerade room and make that whole area one bigger dealers room, and then move the masquerade next door and move the Pokémon tournament to another space – I think this still has a potential for more vendors and better shopping, it’s really the only complaint that I have! We spent the day carrying around Maddies plush Poké Ball and inviting people to try and catch her – just watch!

16195762_1424926947551724_1948420088810939434_nOn a personal note, this may be the last time Voltron comes out – I did some major repair work to components including legs and touch ups, but the wings are just a little bit to beat up and I misjudged where to reattach the shoulder lions, and as a result the chest piece doesn’t close correctly… I’m cringing at a lot of the photos I see and I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort to continue repairs on this one. We’ll see. The character is in the middle of a renaissance, and I saw three or four people around with Voltron shirts on, and I still get people coming up to me just SO excited to get a photo with him. Like I said, we’ll see.

The rest of the cosplay out there however, were spot on. From the shockingly brutal Wonder Woman to the functional WALL-E that was being rolled around by remote control, there was plenty to see. I love cosplay at an anime con…you never know what you are goung to see. I still try to stick with anime, but Voltron and Mazanger z are about all i’ve got…but I also saw Harleys and Jokers, Superman and Belle, Pokemon, five nights at freddys, even a dinoasur…(Voltron fighting the T-Rex may be my new favorite thing).  The next day I discovered this marvelous video that shows some of the highlights.

16387285_1424927724218313_2172134969542039791_nI was a little surprised at the video game room. It seemed fuller last year, with more variety. I wonder if someone got delayed…I did see a bunch of TV that were set up,  with nothing attached to them. Maddie decided she was mre interested in the board game room anyhow. We picked up the Pokemon Sorry game.

“I just need your name and some collateral.”


“Most people are leaving a driver license or phone.”

“Will a Voltron Lion head do?”

One of the monitors looked at the other.

“Exactly how am I supposed to describe this in the log?”

16299550_1424927510885001_5239981585712591300_n“Doesn’t matter. That’s the most awesome collateral we’ve had all day!”

Pokemon tournaments were going on in the room next to the masquerade – complete with the cartoon playing on the big screen. The judge was going around inviting people in by giving them a card and Maddie was delighted to receive a Squritle for her collection. We hung out for a bit, watching cartoons and play but didn’t really get involved ourselves. Maybe next year…

One thing I love the best about the convention scene these days, is running into people that I know. In addition to the folks I did panels with like Nick, and Taylor, Ali, Amanda, or Jerry and Eric,it was cool to see Vito there in his Batman suit, or to run into Keith from one bad day cosplay, Ryan and Mason and the guys at rubber city cosplay, Knightmage, as well as my old friend Riley – the first time I ever did a convention with her was I was wearing this exact same suit, and that she was wearing the same rogue outfit as well. The other great thing about having friends there is I can swipe their photos for blog posts and video reviews – and you better believe Maddie has something to say about this show!

16387867_1263610947010078_827876592187983587_nI think I’ve learned another lesson about doing conventions this time. If I’m going to bring the kids – I probably shouldn’t be doing panels or getting involved in the show… It sucks up so much of the time, that we end up not getting to do as much as we normally would like to – and that’s just not fair to the kids. Maddie felt that she spent too much of the day just kind of, sitting around. She’s not wrong, considering two hours of the day we spent with me talking in panel and her watching, and considering that the remainder of the day was us trying to plan our activities around those two panels. I’ll do better next time girls, I promise.
I’m deafinately coming back next year, I may try and bring both girls with me… I may even go without a costume – whatever I do though, I wanna take better advantage of the show. It’s such a great and fun convention, and I feel like I missed too much of it. We’ll be back.


And now…pictures. SO many pictures…




See you tomorrow!



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Zip Con this weekend!

Maddie and I are going to Zip Con at the University of Akron Student Union this weekend! It’s kind of become my replacement for Shinbokucon – one of the only Anime shows I attend. This year I’ll be speaking in both the “Cosplay on a Budget” panel at 10 am and the “Cosplay for Charity” panel at 1pm. Hope to see you there!


Argo City Cosplay


I’ve finally given into peer pressure and set up an official cosplay page! Feel free to like, share and harass convention promoters with it….

You can find me and the girls here!



Argo City Cosplay




An Angel Lite commission.

The tough thing about Edge is that the Ninja has been done to death and it’s hard to make him a composite of the Mortal Kombat template and/or Shredder without tipping too far in either direction. The blades are still important though. I almost wonder if I didn’t put enough on- then I think of the way Shredder looked in the TMNT movie and realize less is more.



essentialPosting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


The rising dead…

boxftdthe-rising-dead-dvd-blake-cousins-5630c42a43db0db0219aa8e770b03342The Windows movie maker stock transitions for the credits gave me some initial distrust of this film, but it soon became evident that this was slick, beautifully filmed with some good actors in it. This Cousins brothers production includes one of the brothers himseld as the leading man – and he really is cut out for that role. He’s got a nice dramatic flair to him, knows how to handle a gun and a blade and kept things exciting. The directors move the story along at a good pace and by the end of the film we are actually invested in our characters.

The movie begins with a plane crash. The plane, we shortly learn, carries the first lady, her children their bodyguard and some other official tape people – the bodyguard becomes our central character. We’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and our hero Jack is trying to get an explanation, though not towards the end of the film. That’s fine, it’s standard zombie fare. We already understand the troops and know the kind of film that we’re watching. The greatest problem with this movie is the utter lack of script. It feels like they had a set and access to some actors and make up artists and decided from there that they were going to make a movie… but with no script. I suspect that they arrived on site with an outline of the movie, with the dialogue being written in between scenes, and the narration added completely after the fact. It’s melodramatic and hammy, to hammy for a film, but just on the nose enough.

The action is good, and part way through, we see the hero trade his gun for a beautiful double edged sword. Makes sense, since this film is really all about style over substance. It’s beautiful and fun, but there is absolutely no story here. I’d kind of like to rip this film – speed it up to about doubletime, and then just overlay with techno and melodic rock – you wouldn’t lose anything, and you wouldn’t have any trouble following the story since there is none.

It’s a fun movie, and a great addition to the pack – I’d really like to see these guys go somewhere, but they need paired up with say, one of the better scriptwriters from this package and I think we have something very special if you got a boring afternoon, and you can find it on YouTube it’s worth a watch. If I want something that falls, but probably a buy for me

10 Cloverfield lane

Movie banner

10-cloverfield-lane-logoI rmv5bmtq1nzu4nji5nl5bml5banbnxkftztcwntkymjc1mq-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_emember a couple of commercials for 10 Cloverfield Lane, and as well as getting some promotional swag for the film at Horror Relm last spring. It struck me as one of those kind of movies where I planned to wait and catch it on video – I wasn’t opposed to seeing it, but wasn’t in a hurry to catch in the theatre.

I liked Cloverfield back in the day, but haven’t seen it since its original run – even in the end scene, I could never quite make out the monster, and the ending made me sad – generally, I don’t revisit films that leave me feeling sad… Even good ones like this.

Sequels, on the other hand are always welcome .
I’m not sure what exactly I expected from 10 Cloverfield Lane… But this was pretty much exactly it– after a global catastrophe, A group of shady people hide together in a paranoid bunker that is about to r513265_005each the boiling point. Quite frankly, I don’t trust any of our characters and I wasn’t surprised by what was happening outside the bunker… it’s a good, high tension thriller, with a couple of really well done set pieces, a solid connection to the Cloverfield universe, and better than average performances.
I happen to love John Goodman. I think for most of his career he’s been one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood, and I’m pleased that rolls like this are finally getting him some attention from the movie industry – his range is really visible in films like the big Lebowski, and he was easily the most talented performer on Roseanne Barr show… That always felt like slumming it to me…

Our other male lead, he is forgettable done in fact I think that’s really what is entailed war was supposed to be… Is 195015_045“the other guy “… There’s not a great deal of your development and it doesn’t need to be because the real focus here is on the girl. Y ou know, I realize she supposed to be the lead character, but I still don’t trust her any further then I can throw her… There was something about her that is just off-putting to me, and I spent the entire movie trying to figure out what it was. It didn’t become apparent to me until I checked her IMDB and discovered she had portrayed reminder flowers in Scott Pilgrim versus the world.

I enjoy both the Scott Pilgrim films and books, and I am adamant in my position that Ramona Flowers is a horrible personality who uses people in general, and Scott in particular.  She is wholly undeserving of the love or devotion that he commits to her and that stigma clings to the actress a bit, bleeding over into her role in this film (I understand that neither fair nor logical – it’s purely a matter of emotion, and not unique to her situation… Ask me sometime about how I feel regarding the Denise Richards)

But I digress…

10 CLOVERFIELD LANEThe reason it’s so easy to go off on a tangent when discussing this movie is because while it’s fun, I didn’t have any real connection to it – there is nothing particularly special about it other than being just another thriller
Or is there?

As I was perusing the IMDb page, I noticed a mention of someone who had laid out his explanation for these films – this intrigued me as I wasn’t aware of any explanation required. Both movies seemed to stand very well on their own. What I discovered intrigued me more than the features themselves… Apparently there is an entire world devoted to the Cloverfield online… Like an online scavenger hunt or puzzle, made up of websites, merchandising, clues and hints, videos and ultimately the films themselves – a group of gamers engaging in a passtime with all of the atmosphere of a conspiracy theory(but none of the lunacy). It’s the sort of expansion of the universe that we once relied upon movie novelisations to engage in – and a brilliant 21st century way of constructing it.

cloverfieldSo here’s the deal – if you haven’t seen Cloverfield or 10 Cloverfield Lane, go watch them… Do it now. If you have seen these films, keep scrolling down and heading into the YouTube links below… Here the presenter lays out the case for these films, and connects them to the various and sundry components – websites, journalling, behind-the-scenes stuff. It’s completely worth your time and will bring a depth to the films you couldn’t have imagined existed.

As for me, I’m heading back down into my bunker– you can knock all you want, but don’t expect me to open the door.

Unless maybe you bring me pizza.