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Dark future

directorsgdark_future-557458193-largeDark future is a very 90s film in that it desperately wants to be Blade Runner. That’s really the best I can say about it – we have story told from the perspective of humans trapped in a small community, cut off by force field. There are  The Masters – the patrons, a group of cyborgs that look reasonably human.  Each area of this community is done up as a different time period – one done in the 90s, once the 30s, one is ancient Japan… You get the idea. It makes for is interesting visuals, particuarly because our main hero is from the 30s era– this makes sense, The 30s and the 60s were very much in vogue at this time in the early 90s. With the blueback lighting and smoke machines and fog it creates a very striking visual. We have laser guns and battles with robots – it’s great sci-fi fodder and is exactly the sort of movie that I would expect to see on the sci-fi channel. Not great, not art, but sufficient disposable entertainment that aspires perhaps to be just a bit more than it really is. It’s a simple tale, and the ending actually leaves me wondering in my cynical way how the last remaining humans are going to manage to survive – but then again that’s really not the point of this film. It’s all about discovering who your Masters are, and overcoming them. Do they actually managed to overthrow them? Going to have to watch this to find out.


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