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Archive for January 24, 2017

The rising dead…

boxftdthe-rising-dead-dvd-blake-cousins-5630c42a43db0db0219aa8e770b03342The Windows movie maker stock transitions for the credits gave me some initial distrust of this film, but it soon became evident that this was slick, beautifully filmed with some good actors in it. This Cousins brothers production includes one of the brothers himseld as the leading man – and he really is cut out for that role. He’s got a nice dramatic flair to him, knows how to handle a gun and a blade and kept things exciting. The directors move the story along at a good pace and by the end of the film we are actually invested in our characters.

The movie begins with a plane crash. The plane, we shortly learn, carries the first lady, her children their bodyguard and some other official tape people – the bodyguard becomes our central character. We’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and our hero Jack is trying to get an explanation, though not towards the end of the film. That’s fine, it’s standard zombie fare. We already understand the troops and know the kind of film that we’re watching. The greatest problem with this movie is the utter lack of script. It feels like they had a set and access to some actors and make up artists and decided from there that they were going to make a movie… but with no script. I suspect that they arrived on site with an outline of the movie, with the dialogue being written in between scenes, and the narration added completely after the fact. It’s melodramatic and hammy, to hammy for a film, but just on the nose enough.

The action is good, and part way through, we see the hero trade his gun for a beautiful double edged sword. Makes sense, since this film is really all about style over substance. It’s beautiful and fun, but there is absolutely no story here. I’d kind of like to rip this film – speed it up to about doubletime, and then just overlay with techno and melodic rock – you wouldn’t lose anything, and you wouldn’t have any trouble following the story since there is none.

It’s a fun movie, and a great addition to the pack – I’d really like to see these guys go somewhere, but they need paired up with say, one of the better scriptwriters from this package and I think we have something very special if you got a boring afternoon, and you can find it on YouTube it’s worth a watch. If I want something that falls, but probably a buy for me